How to Get Your Texas Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form

If you’re planning to apply for your permit or driver license, you’re going to need a form called the VOE, or Verification of Enrollment. So, what is a VOE for drivers ed? This is the state’s way of making sure your school attendance and grades are decent before they let you start driving around.

You can get it from your high school if they allow you to request the form from your school office. You'll need this form when applying for your permit.

If you are not in high school but are getting your GED instead, you'll need to bring the form to your GED program's office and get them to sign as the administrator.

How to get a Verification of Enrollment? (VOE) Form

  1. Fill out the Verification of Enrollment form.
  2. Sign the form, and have a parent or guardian sign in as well.
  3. Bring the VOE to the administrator’s office at your school.
  4. The school administrator will fill in their name, title, phone number, and the issuance date.

Download the VOE Form

When to Obtain your VOE

It might take a day or longer for your school to issue your VOE, so it’s wise to request it about a week before you plan to head to the DPS. The issuance date on the VOE is kinda important because the form expires after 30 days if you get it signed during the school year. For those of you thinking, What about summer? Don’t worry. As long as you get your VOE signed within the last five days of the school year, it will stay valid all summer long until school starts again in the fall. If you need to get your VOE during summertime, your school district’s administrative office should still be open and available for this.

Summer permit tip: If you get your learner’s permit and want to knock out your behind-the-wheel hours over the summer, remember the one-hour limit. Driving six hours in one day on that family road trip isn’t a good idea. If you’re doing Texas Parent Taught Driver’s Ed, your practice logs should only show one hour of driving per day.

Obtaining Your VOE If You Didn't Go to High School

All permit and license applicants under the age of 18 must submit a VOE or an acceptable equivalent. If you have already graduated or earned your GED, submitting your diploma will do the trick. If you’re still working towards a GED, get the VOE filled out by an administrator at your GED program’s office. Homeschoolers can have their parents count as the administrator. Students of all kinds just need to check the appropriate box on the form for the type of school they are attending.

Want to make sure you have all your paperwork ready when it’s time to go get your permit or driver license? Check out Aceable’s handy list of What to Bring to the Texas DPS.

How to obtain a VOE form during the summer?

If it's not too late, get your Verification of Enrollment form or VOE before the school year ends! When you get your VOE form in the last 5 days of class, the form is valid up until the first day of school.

If you were unable to get that done, no worries!

Here's what you can do:

  1. Call your high school first to see if they're open or if anyone there can sign your VOE form.
  2. If your high school is still closed for the summer, go to your school district's administration office and have your VOE form signed by the registrar.

How to fill out the VOE if you were home-schooled

  1. Write “Home School” or the name of your home school on the top left corner of the form and your county on the top right corner of the form.
  2. Check the first box, indicating your student is enrolled in a home school.
  3. Type or print the student’s name.
  4. Type or print one parent’s name and phone number in the Administrator/Designee section.
  5. Both the student and the parent must sign and date the form.

Obtaining your VOE if You Have a Different Education Situation

  • Moving to a different school - We recommend contacting your previous school first and asking if they will issue you a VOE form. If not, contact your new school even though you have never taken any classes there yet.
  • Moving from middle school to high school but meeting the requirements for getting a permit - Again, we recommend contacting your middle school first to ask for a VOE form. If not, contact your high school.

Still can't get your VOE form?

Call your local DPS and ask if they will accept a report card showing that you have 90% attendance for the previous semester AND that you have received credits for all classes taken. We've talked to DPS headquarters and they have given that as an option. However, this is up to your local DPS if they will accept it.