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How do you go from hopeless pedestrian to an expert driver cruising the street with ease? You’ve gotta prepare. Preparing to drive means practicing in the car, taking drivers ed and acing your tests, and getting knowledgeable about the stuff experienced drivers all know. Aceable’s got some really helpful videos to get you up to speed (pun intended).
Preparing to Drive
Pedestrian lifestyle got you angry?

Watch These Videos Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Other Safe Driving Topics

Getting Your License

Aceable’s main game is to help teen drivers get that first license. Our drivers ed courses make it as quick and easy as possible. You’re most likely looking for a regular driver license, but there are plenty of other license types depending on the weight of the vehicle(s) you want to drive, and whether it’s for commercial purposes or not. It’s a good idea to know what kind of license you’re applying for before starting the license process. When you’re applying for your driver license, you’ll also have the opportunity to register to be an organ donor. It’s a personal choice, but Aceable encourages you to join the state registry so that you may save a life (or several!) one day. Be sure to think about this opportunity when you go in to get your license. Ya digg?
Preparing to Drive
When you finally get your hands on that driver’s license.

Buying a Car

Learning to drive is a magical journey on its own, but you’re probably going to need a car too. Getting a vehicle for the first time is 80% awesome and 20% super intimidating. Study up on car-buying and ownership so that you can go into the purchase feeling confident and excited. It’s mostly about thinking through your decisions carefully. Does a new car or a used car make more sense for you needs and your budget? How do you know if you’re getting a reasonable deal with your financing? Based where you live, does it make sense to get four wheel drive, or only rear-wheel drive? Have you given the car a test drive yet? Remember, you’re also going to need auto insurance to satisfy state law, a law enforcement officer will definitely ask for this if you’re ever stopped. This might sound like a lot to consider, but there’s no rush. You have plenty of time before and after you complete your driver test and purchase your first motor vehicle.
Preparing to Drive
How long would it take to pay off your dream car?

Before Every Drive

There might be a day where driving is safer thanks to driverless cars or self-driving vehicles, but until that day we suggest that you start building a couple of good habits now, and it might save your life one day. Aceable has created videos to show you the importance of checking the area around your vehicle and buckling up before every drive. Wearing your seatbelt is important for your own safety, and doing a walk-around is a great way to spot hazards in your surroundings and check for any maintenance problems with your car (flat tires, leaking fluids, etc.). Other easy things you can do before getting going is making sure there isn’t anything blocking your brake pedal, making sure your windshield wipers turn on, and making sure your seat belt is on. Also, you’ll obviously wanna keep your car keys and driver license or permit with you any time you’re gearing up for a cruise. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your parking brake is turned off!We also recommend checking the weather conditions before you head out for a drive. If there’s going to be snow and ice, or if the weather conditions could make you visually impaired, consider staying home or driving below the speed limit and increasing your following distance at the very least. As a new or teen driver, it’s important to develop good habits early on so that they become part of your regular routine before hopping into a motor vehicle.
Preparing to Drive
Don’t just hop in your car without checking the surroundings.
So what are you waiting for? We’ve just schooled you with so much information about preparing to drive that you have to be feeling confident and ready to get out on the open public road by now. Bottom line: think ahead and make smart decisions. You’ll do just fine. Do you find yourself wanting more information on being a smart driver? You can check out our videos on Defensive Driving Maneuvers too!