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2018's 20 Most Beautiful High Schools in Oklahoma

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When you think about Oklahoma, you may imagine rolling plains. Fun fact, the official meal of Oklahoma is fried okra, cornbread, barbecue pork, squash, biscuits, sausage and gravy, grits, corn, strawberries (state fruit), chicken fried steak, pecan pie, and black-eyed peas. What’s not to love about that?

Tasty meals and views for miles. Going to high school in Oklahoma can expand your personal horizons as well. Check out the top 20 most beautiful high schools in Oklahoma and see if your alma mater made the cut.

20. Central High School, Oklahoma City

This one's a bit of a throw-back. The building no longer holds graduating classes, but this historic building holds a special place in the downtown area of OKC and the hearts of those who call it their alma mater.

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19. US Grant High School, OKC

Very appropriately, the school’s mascot is the generals. The generals come out of school ready to face real-world challenges and equipped with life-long skills.

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18. Westville High School, Westville

Sporting more of a “home range” feel, this campus is a combined junior high and high school in the small town of Westville, OK

17. Stillwater High School, Still Water

The very first senior class of Stillwater graduated in 1901. The earliest students of the school attended classes in the Alcott Building, which was constructed in 1896. Talk about long-standing history and traditions.

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16. Mustang High School, Mustang

This high school is the fourth largest high school in all of the state, with an enrollment of approximately 2,900 students total. Being big has advantages, they offer 20 Advanced Placement classes, in addition to an extensive co-curricular program.

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15. Owasso High School, Owasso

The gem of Owasso High School has to be their wellness center. The Wellness Center was designed to promote fitness and healthful lifestyles for the students and faculty alike. Bonus: it provides a home base for the district’s football program too.

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14. Ponca City High School, Ponca City

Ponca City High School students are called "Wildcats.” Why? Because the title means hard work, perseverance, and extreme loyalty to the school -- an expectation they have for students and embodied by the school mascot "Willie" the Wildcat.

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13. Charles Page High School, Sand Springs

This beautiful new performing arts center provides 17,000 SF and is the crown jewel for the Sand Springs School System.

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12. Will Rogers High School, Tulsa

Fun fact, this beautiful building was constructed in only 20 months in 1939. Equally impressive, students at Rogers are also able to complete enough college credits to earn an associates degree, all before their HS graduation.

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11. Durant High School

What makes Durant stand out, besides their mascot’s statue front and center, is their technology career programs and their college prep academic options.

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10. Altus High School, Altus

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9. Capitol Hill High School, OKC

Named after the area of OKC that it was built, Capitol Hill was originally a separate city in 1905. Now part of greater OKC, this school continues to reside in the historic business and community area of town and serves over 90% minority students.

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8. Harding Charter Preparatory School, OKC

This campus was ranked #1 on US News & World Report for high schools in the state. Perhaps “harding” is an appropriate name for this school. Student here hit the books hard and have a 100% participation rate in AP classes.

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7. El Reno High School, El Reno

This school has a rich history in the area, built in 1911, and the building is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

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6. Bartlesville High School, Bartlesville

Built originally in 1939, this campus started as College High School, and until 1950, it housed a junior college as well as the high school. Since then it is only an HS, but its Streamline Moderne building continues to impress and was designed by Tulsa architect John Duncan Forsyth.

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5. Broken Arrow High School, Broken Arrow

The campus at consists of 14 buildings, including a cafeteria and media center. Also on the campus are the school's athletic facilities - Tiger Field House (basketball, wrestling, and volleyball), Tiger Field at Broken Arrow Memorial Stadium (football and soccer), Tiger Field (baseball), Lady Tiger Field (softball), a practice football field, a practice softball field, and tennis courts.

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4. Booker T. Washington High School, Tulsa

Booker T. Washington High School ranks #1 in the state for a diverse student body and best high school sports. It holds some of the highest test score averages as well. These are all great compliments to back up that beautiful entrance.

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3. Jenks High School, Jenks

Besides being picturesque, Jenks High School also regularly has the most National Merit Scholars of any public school in the state, including 20 in 2016.

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2. Mount Saint Mary’s

This “new” location at Mount Saint Mary’s was founded in 1903. The school encourages participation in the community and extracurriculars to create well-rounded citizens of tomorrow.

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1. Thomas Edison Preparatory School, Tulsa

Edison Preparatory already has a lot to offer student, but plan for a new upgrade promise to catapult it into the #1 spot for prettiest places to attend high school in the state. Dreamy indeed.

Current look:

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Proposed new look:

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