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Best Skateparks in San Diego

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San Diego, California is home to many skateboarding professionals, as well as some of the top skateboarding companies. The skateparks around town are perfect for you and your friends to practice your moves, enjoy the perfect Southern California weather, and maybe catch a glimpse of a pro practicing for their next competition. Check out our San Diego favorites that you need to skate if you’re in town.

Linda Vista Park

linda vista skatepark

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Just opened in January of 2018, Linda Vista is now one of the largest skateparks in San Diego at almost 35,000 square feet. This park has something for everyone, including rails, stairs, ramps, banks, ledges, jumps, and bench-like features to satisfy all skaters from beginner to pro. There are also several bowls, a full pipe, a street course, lights, and a bridge, so you’ll never be bored at this park. The bridge is the focal point of the park and is the perfect vantage point to watch the skaters and be inspired by their tricks. Full safety equipment is required, and there is a shaded area to cool off in on a break from the sun.

Memorial Skatepark


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Memorial Skatepark has produced a good number of pros, partly due being one of the first free public skateparks in San Diego in the early 2000s. The park contains a good variety of features, including a snake run, a flow section, a volcano, and an old-school keyhole pool, plus a fun street course. Safety gear is required at Memorial, and its open from 10:00 am to dusk.

Carmel Valley Skatepark

carmel valley skatepark

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Opened in 2008, Carmel Valley has a challenge course, a large concrete bowl, and plenty of urban elements like rails, stairs, and ledges. This 13,500 square foot park has lights, meaning you can keep skating when the sun goes down, which is unique for skateparks in the area.

Robb Field Skatepark

robb field skatepark

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Robb Field, an impressive 40,000 square foot park, is the first park constructed and operated by the city of San Diego. Everyone, regardless of their skill level, can find something to skate here. The street course features a combination bowl, handrails, blocks, a pump bump, and an octagon volcano. The park was designed with input from skating pros, including Tony Hawk. The park closes at dusk and safety gear is required on all skaters.

Krause Family Skatepark

krause family skatepark

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Shaun White grew up skating at the Krause Family Skate Park and has said that this is where he learned all of his tricks. Run by the YMCA, the park boasts huge vert ramps and has an overall welcoming vibe. Krause Family Skatepark offers lessons for anyone looking to learn, contests for professional-level skaters, and plenty of options for skaters to improve their skills and tricks under the supervision of our trained staff.

Alga Norte Carlsbad Skatepark

alga norte carlsbad skatepark

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Alga Norte Carlsbad Skatepark in Carlsbad, California, is known for all of its obstacles. With everything ranging from a wedge ramp, two bowls, one with a loveseat and one with stairs, flat rails, handrails, to kickers, hubbas, a grind box, quarter pipe, stairs, a volcano, and more, you’ll never tire of practicing your tricks here. You’ll definitely need your pads here.

Poway Skatepark

poway skatepark

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Poway is a more isolated skatepark, which leads to a chill vibe for beginners to practice and build confidence before hitting the busier parks. The park is known for being a good place to practice your flow and transitions. It is also located next to a police station, which keeps the criminal hijinks to a minimum. While the skatepark is unsupervised, all safety gear is required.

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