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The 3 Coolest Music Venues In Dallas

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Fact: A good show is only as good as its venue. Poor lighting, long lines, or aggressive AC can put a damper on a good show, while extra space and good refreshments can make one even better. As a music-loving city, Dallas understands this and offers plenty of great venues around town. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday with friends or going on a date, these music venues are some of the best in the game. Check out some of these hot spots’ upcoming shows!

Granada Theatre:


Located in historic Greenville, Granada was originally built in ‘46 as a post-WWII movie theatre. After some years of neglect and ever-shifting ownership, the spot reopened in 2004 as a music venue and has consistently been pulling in fans ever since with performers including Willie Nelson, Adele, M83 and Bob Dylan (just to name a few). With psychedelic murals on the halls and ceiling, this theatre stands out from the rest.



A local favorite and long time classic, Trees lights up Deep Ellum with its neon green letters. A smaller space with capacity at 650 people, the venue offers an intimate experience with world famous performers such as Nirvana and Dave Matthews. With a sloping standing floor, everyone in the crowd gets equal vision to the stage #brilliant.

The Bomb Factory:


Located on Canton St, the Bomb Factory is notorious for its size and sound. A true state of the art venue, the space can accommodate up to 4,300 people with its mezzanine, casual suites, and VIP options. After recent renovations to the 90s staple including air conditioning and removing all support beams, the Bomb Factory offers a premiere live music experience a.k.a is the

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But for now, enjoy the music and rock on!

Krista Doyle