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We know learning to drive is not only a big step for your teen but for you as well. We're not just a Drivers Ed company; we're your partner through this journey.

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Why trust anyone but Aceable to teach your teen?

Our mission is to teach our students how to be safe, confident drivers for life. We know people learn best when they’re having fun, so that’s why we use humor, engaging videos, and interactive games to ensure our students absorb the information effectively and are motivated to be responsible, “Aceable” drivers.

Your teen isn’t the only one who needs support! That’s why we provide a roadmap to follow, advice to consider, and tips that will help you both navigate the process of getting a license in California. Your teen is about to take a major step toward freedom and adulthood. But first, they’ll take a lot of baby steps. Aceable is here for you and your teen every step of the way!

From One Parent To Another

More than 2 million families trust Aceable!

Star Ratings

This course so far has provided me with so much information and has already made me confident to drive once I get my license.


Star Ratings

So far I am enjoying this course. It has been very inviting and it’s fun with the way the instructor makes it sound. He makes us enjoy it and it’s working!


Star Ratings

Aceable is a great way for me to learn the rules of the road, and they make it fun too.


Star Ratings

I like that the classes are easy and I like how the robot reads me the words because I can’t read perfectly. It’s an easy and fast way to learn if you’re in school and also busy with a job.


Let's Prepare Your Teen for the Road, Together

We provide everything parents need to keep their teens on track.

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Parent Portal

Create an account to access your parent dashboard to stay informed on your teen's progress and what's happening next.

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Next Step Notifications

Get timely communications for the next steps in your teen's license journey. No more worrying about what to do and when... we're with you every step of the way.

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Practice Tests

Your teen can feel confident they’re prepared for their written permit test by taking our free practice tests.

Discover the Aceable Drivers Ed App

Parents and students can download the Aceable app to take the course, monitor progress, and more.

7 Steps to Getting a License in California

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1. Purchase your teen's course

The first step is to sign your teen up for Aceable’s newly updated, DMV-approved California driver education course!

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2. Complete 30 Hours of Drivers Ed

Our drivers ed course is self-paced. Your teen can start on one device and pick up where they left off on another. Once they’ve completed the course and passed the final, they’ll receive a certificate of completion in the mail.

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3. Prep for the Permit Test

Your teen can study for the DMV permit test by taking unlimited practice tests in the Aceable app! The DMV has more tips for preparing for test day that we also recommend checking out.

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4. Ace the Written Test

Your teen will need to take knowledge and vision tests to get their permit. You and your teen can save time by starting the license application and making an appointment online.

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5. Complete 6 Hours of Professional Driver Training

Time to get behind the wheel! Once they have their permit, your teen will need to take three two-hour driving lessons from a driving school.

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7. Complete 50 Hours of Driving Practice

Practice makes perfect! Your teen can do their 50 hours of driving practice with an adult who is 25 years or older and has a valid California drivers license.

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8. Get a California Driver's License

Once they’ve completed their driving practice, your teen will be ready to pass their driving test and get their license! Be sure to make an appointment online beforehand. You can help your teen prepare for their driving test by going over everything on the DMV’s Safe Driver Checklist with them.

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Access Help Videos and Personal Help Line

We offer 24/7 customer support to resolve any of your teen's needs with navigating the course and getting their permit or license. Feel free to reach out at any point!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not satisfied or if circumstances have changed, we will issue a full refund if your teen has not completed the course, earned any certificates, or has been filed with any institution.

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