Top 6 Questions Parents Ask About Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Being a parent of a teen taking Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed can be overwhelming and confusing at times. However, it is a program that thousands of Texas parents and teens have successfully completed through Aceable with the help of our interactive content, tools, and resources!

One of the most valuable tools available to Aceable students and parents is the Aceable Help Center. This fantastic resource is divided into six sections that correspond to each step of the licensing journey and cover different topics that address frequently asked questions on everything from account setup to what paperwork you need to bring to the DPS. As a parent, it may be helpful to keep the Aceable Help Center bookmarked or saved so that you can refer to it as needed. 

Let’s take a quick peek at the kinds of questions that the Help Center covers – you may even find the answers to some of those questions that you currently have lingering in the back of your mind!

My teen is ready to take the course. How do I get started?

If you are wondering what the parent taught drivers ed process is and how to get started, take a look at Getting Started & Course Eligibility! This addresses the first steps of the Parent Taught Drivers Ed process, including parent instructor eligibility, how to order the PTDE program guide packet, transferring from another state or program, and even a complete guide to the Parent Taught Drivers Ed process from beginning to end.

What is included with the Parent Taught Drivers Ed Aceable course?

Check out Your TX PTDE Account and Course Experience! This section focuses on the Aceable coursework, assessments, and exams. It has FAQs about course length, Aceable account features, the DPS written test, what happens if an exam is failed, and how certificates are issued.

How does my teen get a permit?

Take a look at Getting your Permit. As the name suggests, this section is all about getting a permit! It covers what needs to be done before going to the DPS, permit eligibility, how to fill out forms, and what paperwork to bring to the DPS.

What do I teach my teen behind the wheel?

When it’s time to start practicing driving, the Behind the Wheel section of the help center has everything you need. It contains questions about permit restrictions and how to complete the behind the wheel hours along with resources for both parents and teens such as guidelines on what to practice, driving logs, and steps to access the handy driving manager tool within the Aceable course.

How does my teen pass the driving test and get their license?

The Getting your License section addresses the final steps of the Parent Taught Drivers Ed process. Since this is a big step, there are many different questions that have been addressed. It includes the license checklist, how to fill out forms, how to prepare for and schedule a driving test at the DPS, and the Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) course.

Where do I find the required paperwork, and how do I fill it out?

The General Paperwork contains the DPS Trip Guide, which contains a checklist and blank forms to fill out before heading to the DPS to get your teen’s permit, along with information on the Verification of Enrollment form and a link to download all of the paperwork needed throughout the entire process.

At Aceable, we want to ensure that parents and teens are set up to succeed with resources like the Help Center available at your fingertips. Get started with the Parent Taught Drivers Ed course today!

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Anna Coucke