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10 Hilarious GIFS Every New Driver Can Relate To

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Being able to drive by yourself for the first time is one of those things that everyone remembers for the rest of their lives. It means freedom, ultimate responsibility and some much-needed privacy! It’s the crucial passage from being a kid to becoming an adult.

Here are 10 gifs every new driver can relate to.

  1. That moment when you finally get your driver's license.
    celebrate Source: Giphy
  2. And realize that your driver’s license picture is horrendous.
    scary license pic Source: Giphy
  3. The first time you get to drive alone.
    Lone wolf Source: Giphy
  4. The way you feel about your car.

check it out Source: Giphy 5. Driving anywhere you want to, even if you don’t need to, because you’re finally an ADULT.

I'm an adult Source: Giphy 6. The first time you ALMOST have an accident.

via GIPHY 7. Seeing your dream car on the road.

impressed Source: Giphy 8. Being able to finally play your music as loud as you want.

Dance Source: Giphy 9. Getting stuck in traffic for the first time.

Angry Hulk Source: Giphy 10. (Successfully) parallel parking for the first time by yourself.

Queen Beyonce Source: Giphy

Krista Doyle