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15 Tweets That Capture The Dallas Traffic Struggle

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The Dallas traffic struggle is real... even at 1 a.m. Fortunately, we've got Twitter therapy to express our traffic emotions. Shoutout to the tweeters below who captured the struggle so well.

Ah, the classic 1 a.m. rush hour.> Stuck in Dallas traffic at 1am > > — orlando (@garciaorlando_) August 1, 2016

The Juice has got a solid plan. > Probably gonna leave at 4 AM. Be in the front of the Dallas traffic. > > — juice (@mayjacon)

Michael's got a plan too.> Dallas traffic makes me wanna shoot myself in the foot so I can get an ambulance ride out of here. — Michael Odis Parrish (@odis_kwk) July 26, 2016

Ah, the classic Dallas wave.> You know you're back in Dallas when people are flipping you off in traffic for no reason... > > — gabby (@GabbyRoe1) July 31, 2016

? Started from the bottom now we're here ?> Grew up with 3 stoplights, but have made my way to Dallas traffic. — KP (@knzplmr) July 31, 2016

Note: Firearm waving is not a legal substitute for your turn signal.> Dallas traffic is mostly waving firearms to let people know whether they can change lanes. — Sir Topham Hatt (@VocabuLarry) July 30, 2016

Gotta hatch 'em all.> Dallas traffic is hatching all my eggs today, bless up — Victor DePaulo (@MaybeVictor) July 29, 2016

*shrieks* *dives for cover*> *traffic jam in dallas* Me: mom those guys were cute Mom: *slows down and stops beside them and rolls down my window* — keezy (@papikp) July 28, 2016

The Authur meme was made for Dallas traffic.

Dallas traffic — Shahrukh Khan (@Shahrukh_19) July 28, 2016

I FEEL YOU STACY> DALLAS TRAFFIC IS WHERE DREAMS GO TO DIE — Stacy Morrow (@juiceboxbox) July 27, 2016

No, David. You shouldn't.> Should I periscope? In Dallas traffic headed to a bbq for food! — David (@enLightnme_DET) July 22, 2016

Dallas traffic is always a bit booty.> Dallas traffic is gonna be booty today, makes me not wanna go to Deep Ellum — Laura (@Lowrahlo) July 21, 2016

Dallas Traffic: the narrative that will not exclude us. > *sitting in Dallas morning traffic* This is a narrative I never asked to be a part of — Katie Gatti (@katiegatti) July 20, 2016

Logic 1, Texas DOT 0.> Logic was challenged again today. "Let's close this major highway without alternate routes." Logic still undefeated. #DallasTraffic — Jordan Davis (@TheJordanDavis) July 17, 2016

Deep down, despite its traffic, we all have love for Dallas.> I was never crazy about the traffic, but I still have ❤️ for my homeland. #Texas #photo #iphoneography #dallas — vanessa leinani (@vanessaleinani) July 31, 2016

Yes, my dear friends, the Dallas traffic is a struggle, but we'll always have Twitter therapy to express our feels.

ProTip: Remember to save your tweeting for when you get home! Tweeting and driving don't mix.

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