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15 Tweets That Capture The Dallas Traffic Struggle

15 Tweets That Capture The Dallas Traffic Struggle

The Dallas traffic struggle is real… even at 1 a.m. Fortunately, we’ve got Twitter therapy to express our traffic emotions. Shoutout to the tweeters below who captured the struggle so well.

Ah, the classic 1 a.m. rush hour. The Juice has got a solid plan. Michael’s got a plan too. Ah, the classic Dallas wave. ? Started from the bottom now we’re here ? Note: Firearm waving is not a legal substitute for your turn signal. Gotta hatch ’em all. *shrieks* *dives for cover*

The Authur meme was made for Dallas traffic.

I FEEL YOU STACY No, David. You shouldn’t. Dallas traffic is always a bit booty. Dallas Traffic: the narrative that will not exclude us. Logic 1, Texas DOT 0. Deep down, despite its traffic, we all have love for Dallas.

Yes, my dear friends, the Dallas traffic is a struggle, but we’ll always have Twitter therapy to express our feels.

ProTip: Remember to save your tweeting for when you get home! Tweeting and driving don’t mix.

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