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16 of the Best Tweets We Got About #12DaysofAceable

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You know how pop stars always say they would be nothing without their fans? Well we would be nothing without our users. You guys are our Beliebers. Our Directioners. Our Swifties. Throughout 12 Days of Aceable, we received an overwhelming number of shoutouts on social media. Yes, it was probably because we were giving away cool stuff, but it seems like you guys might actually like us, too. So without further ado, we present some of the very best tweets we got from our fans over the past couple of weeks. Team Aceable is squad goals.

1. Much like Beyonce, Cody woke up like dis.

I should win this sweater because this is how I wake up everyday. @aceable #12DaysofAceable

— Cody (@SurfOpie) December 17, 2015

2. The only person for whom I've got post notifications turned on is Chrissy Teigen. So like, this is cool.

@aceable #12DaysOfAceable I feel like I should win a sweater because I have your post notifications on in Twitter & Instagram ? — ® (@Gammyy_igt) December 19, 2015

3. Don't put ideas in our head. We think you should still do this.

@aceable I'll post a picture to prove it too!

— Justin Hidalgo (@FatherHidalgo) December 24, 2015

4. O snap, Arianna just took it to the next level with an Oscar-worthy performance in the local Wal-Mart. Save money, live better, ya know?

This wouldnt of been possible without you @aceable , thank you for everything! iShouldWinBcuz iUseWat iLearnFromYou! — Arianna (@osnapitzairmo) December 24, 2015

5. Wow, you're way nicer than us.

@aceable I should/want to win because it wouldn't be for me. It would be a gift for my best friend. #12DaysOfAceable ???

— Nikki (@bubbleboots781) December 23, 2015

6. I see what you did there, Connor. Coffee's for parallel parkers only.

@aceable I should get the Starbucks gift card so I can do my morning practice drives with my morning coffee (; #12DaysofAceable — connor kraska (@connorkraska) December 21, 2015

7. Harry Styles is actually bae, but okay, I guess we can be baes, too.

#12DaysOfAceable @aceable I should win cause u & I are baes & my head enjoys poop emoji pillows

— tay (@oIzanksi)

8. Puns ON FLEEK, Claire. (Is it still cool to say that? Please advise.)

i will owlways be roasty toasty in this hoodie bc it's so fire @aceable #12DaysOfAceable — Claire Betzer (@clairebetzer) December 20, 2015

9. Nathan Franklin just making up adverbs over here. A Noah Webster of sorts.

@aceable I need this so I can look lit while driving aceably #12DaysofAceable

— Nathan Franklin (@nathan_cef) December 17, 2015

10. This response makes no sense, and yet ... it is everything.

@aceable I'm African Batman #12daysofaceable — Collins Mokua (@collins_mokua) December 14, 2015

11. Wow, this is so weird, John Cena's Dad. Points for creativity.

@aceable I should get it because I am Ace's and that other chick's secret love child.

— John Cena's Dad (@jasonbrone) December 14, 2015

12. Acelets are squad goals, Gaby. And you are the Taylor Swift of our squad.

13. Things that are also adorable, Maddie: this.

13. This is a very stressful week for me. Winning ANYTHING from the adorable #12DaysofAceable @aceable would make it better. ?? — Maddie Marie (@maddie_tv) December 18, 2015 14. As my girl Demi Lovato would say, what's wrong with being confident?

@aceable #12DaysOfAceable stop playing with me let me win — kicks (@taxidermyfox) December 18, 2015

15. I knew you had that James Dean daydream look in your eye, Michael.

@aceable #12DaysofAceable because I'm a huge swiftie as well as a huge Starbucks fan ????

— Michael Guzman (@GuzmanMichael88) December 21, 2015

16. UM, YEAH WE'RE REALLY COOL. (And you're not selfish, Elysee.)

@aceable disregard my last post. It was selfish. Thank you @aceable for being so giving during this X-Mas. It's really cool that you do this — Elysee Momplaisir (@thirdmomplaisir) December 24, 2015


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