The Top 18 Tweets On Los Angeles Traffic We Could Find

There are a lot of angry tweets about Los Angeles traffic. Just for you, we looked through them all and found 18 that best captured all of the emotions a two-hour commute makes you feel. So the next time you get home angry after another long afternoon on the I-405, take comfort in your fellow gruntled Angelenos tweets. After all, we're in this congested black hole together... all you can do is hope everyone else knows the rules of California's roads as well as you do.

But it's our beautiful, congested black hole.

Traffic at 5:30 in the morning can't actually be a thing.

but it is.

bc Los Angeles is an eternally congested black hole.

— Tianna Williams (@_Tiianna) July 21, 2016

ah, the classic 9:30 p.m. rush hour

Bumper to bumper traffic at 9:30pm going both ways... Only in Los Angeles

— Derek Reed (@DerekReed11) July 24, 2016

? ? ?

In LA driving in the morning and there is no traffic and you get worried that you missed the rapture.... #thingsinla

— Shawn Bolz (@shawnbolz) July 28, 2016

LA Traffic: Making an impression from the start.

First impression of Los Angeles: traffic and palm trees

— Andrew Fultz I-/ (@AndrewWFultz) August 1, 2016

Mitch forgot palm trees.

Los Angeles is just a series of great restaurants and evil traffic jams

— Marchand Bomaye!!! (@MitchMarchand) July 30, 2016


LA traffic is bearable with these two. ?❤️

— Leigh Raven (@leighravenx) August 3, 2016

LA traffic: Where all great movie scripts are born.

Say what you will about traffic and Los Angeles - I've had some of my greatest ideas come to me while driving in LA traffic.

— Nicole Rucker (@rucker_pie) August 2, 2016

Grandma? Hi! I've got about four hours to yell...

Actively scheduling calls with my Grandma so we can argue about Trump is a great way to pass time while sitting in Los Angeles traffic.

— Richie Doyle (@RoyleRich) August 2, 2016

Sir Alexander is prepared for LA traffic.

This is how I prepare for Los Angeles traffic. #JoyJedi

— Alexander Polinsky (@Alex_Polinsky) August 1, 2016

the proper Los Angeles definition

Los Angeles (noun)- a place with great restaurants and even better traffic

— Alexis (@alexis_sargentt) July 20, 2016

Hands up if you've had this dream/nightmare. ?? ?? ??

Having experienced LA traffic first hand, I am convinced that the people of Los Angeles suffer from recurring dreams of brake lights.

— Jane (@ZanyJaney11) July 19, 2016

another classic Gatsby slam

Gatsby believed in the green light.

Gatsby would have hated Los Angeles traffic.

— Ian Zandi (@IanZandi) July 19, 2016

*cough* *cough* people from SF *cough* *cough*

When people in other cities complain about traffic but you live in Los Angeles

— Players Bible (@Bible4Players) July 18, 2016

Someone give the LA highways Clearasil stat.

LA's traffic looks worse than my teen acne in its prime. #stayin #orderpizza

— Alyson Stoner (@AlysonStoner) July 30, 2016

Every afternoon, gotta/get to hatch 'em all.

Los Angeles traffic is perfect for incubating Pokemon eggs.

— Maddie (@maddie5218) July 16, 2016

> Pokemon go counts your driving if you go 15 miles per hour. So in other words Los Angeles traffic now has a purpose. > > — Noah (@SookNoah) July 14, 2016

And finally, a haiku to end this wonderful list.

A #haiku for Los Angeles:

Grey skies full of smog.
The hot sun burns through my clothes.
Traffic 'til I die.

— MARKUS HILL (@Markus_Hill) July 29, 2016

Whether it's Pokemon, talks with grandma about politics, or Gatsby, everyone deals with Los Angeles traffic in their own way. I hope these tweets helped you, for what's probably the first time, smile or laugh about Los Angeles traffic.

Aceable ProTip: Never tweet and drive, even if you are stuck on the 405! You should always have your eyes and attention on the road.

Krista Doyle
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