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20 Best Pixar Cars Tweets

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1. Better than watching Frozen and having “Let it Go” stuck in your head though right?

2. We ask ourselves everyday.

3. When you’re a Star Wars fan and a Cars fan.

4. Anyone want to double pierce their headlights?!

5. Clownfish convertibles? Manatee motorcycles?

6. Tbt to when this song made everyone country fans for a hot sec. OOooo life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long!

7. Def delivered to the garage in a cloth bundle via a stork.

8. Girl, find it on Netflix and watch ASAP so all will be right again.

9. We support everything about this decision.

10. Buying tix brb. Did you want extra butter with the popcorn?

11. No better way to screen (pun intended) your next boo thang than a Cars movie night.

12. Yas, you done good Mama.

13. Every time. Glad we all have our priorities in order.

14. No. Don’t say such things Mia.

15. Fastest 400 m we’ve seen to date.

16. First of all, those cars better be 21. Second of all, cars that booze it will lose it.

17. Watch it Bill, sounds like the cars could teach that sailor’s tongue a thing or two!


19. Yo good?

20. Preach! If everyone watched the Cars movies they would be straight A-students.

Krista Doyle