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5 Reasons Your SAT Score Actually Matters

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What's all this hooplah about SATs you ask? Well let ? us ? tell ? you ?. If you decide that the college life is the life for you, taking the SAT (or the ACT depending on where you live- we're looking at you Midwest!) can make or break a lot of the college experience for you. So here are the top 5 reasons getting a good score on your SAT is actually a pretty big deal.

1. College entrance requirements

Okay so this one might be pretty obvious, but we're going to go ahead and discuss it anyways. Because we do what we want. Get it? Got it? Good. So getting into college is a pretty big deal, right? Getting into the college of your dreams? Life-changing. Meeting the college entrance requirements for your dream school will almost always include an impressive SAT or ACT score. That's why it's important to study up and take your SAT/ACT prep seriously. Use coupon code ACE50 for $50 off Kaplan's Self-Paced program or ACE150 for $150 off larger packages. You'll thank us later, we promise.
SAT test prep

2. Merit based scholarships

Next up is monayyyyy. No one likes to think about how much it can cost to go to college. It's stressful, we get it. But let us put this into perspective for you. It can cost an average of $33,480 per year to go to a private college, $9,650 per year for in-state public universities and $24,930 per year for out-of state public school tuition and fees. That kinda money adds up big-time. Luckily for you, there are a number of merit based scholarships that universities and colleges hand out every year. Like, thousands and thousands of dollars in scholarships. One of the big factors that can decide who gets these scholarships? Test scores.

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3. Getting into Ivy League and popular colleges

SAT subject test scores are required to get into most prestigious colleges in order to further differentiate which students are top of their class. If you're not sure where you're going to apply yet, or whether or not the colleges you're interested in require SAT subject tests, it's recommended to go ahead and take at least two anyways. You'd rather be prepared with the necessary application requirements than come up shorthanded when it's too late to get another test in. Heads up- if you're looking at Ivy League schools you'll almost definitely need to take some SAT subject tests.

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4. Future jobs

We know it sounds crazy, but we've heard stories where future employers have actually asked for past SAT scores as part of the job application. While it's prettyyyyy unlikely this will happen to you personally, you never know! You don't want to chance losing the job of your dreams just because you decided to skip out on SAT prep and studying.

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5. Different school require different tests

If you're planning on going to school out of state, the college entrance exam required to apply to schools in certain states can differ. For example, in Ohio most students take the ACT while in Texas the SAT is the standard. Make sure you take both entrance exams if you're not sure which schools you're going to apply for to ensure you have all your bases covered before you start the application process.

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Krista Doyle