5 Secrets to Look Awesome in Your Driver License Photo

The day is finally here … you’re getting your driver license and you can’t wait to have that shiny, plastic ID card with a picture of your face on it. But wait -- what if you blink in your photo? Are you gonna have to close your eyes every time you’re asked to show your license FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?!?

No, of course not. But unfortunately, driver license photos don’t come with a Valencia filter and your choice among 72 selfies in your camera roll. Thankfully, you have Aceable to help you nail the shot come driver license day. Check out these five tips to look cooler than Cara Delevingne on a runway.

1. Smile like you mean it

Turn that frown upside down. You don't want to look like Grumpy Cat in your ID. In most states you can smile in your license photo, but if you can’t say cheese, then give your best soft smile and smize. ? You taught us well, Tyra.

2. But first, lemme take a selfie

There’s no better time to take a #ShamelessSelfie than right before you get your license photo taken. I mean, how else are you gonna know about those flyaways or that piece of spinach that … OMG, MOM, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME I HAVE SPINACH IN MY TEETH?

3. Hair scare

We can’t all be Beyoncé, and that means we suffer from bad hair days 85 percent of the time. Never fear because with these tips your hair will shine like Queen Bey’s.

  • DON’T get cray. Keep your hairstyle simple. Save that fancy updo for prom.
  • DO stick to your routine. Wash, brush, gel, whatever you normally do. For obvious reasons, you need to look like yourself in your photo. Unless you can look like Beyoncé. Then be Beyoncé.

4. Work those angles

Step 1: Lift your chin up.

Step 2: Keep your shoulders back and sit up straight.

Yeahhhh, there’s not a whole lot of room for creativity with your license photo. If you’re feelin’ bold, you can try tilting your head ever so slightly (read: like an inch). Don’t worry; you’ll get to have plenty more photoshoot fun with another milestone in your life -- senior portraits. Then you can do weird things, like laugh “candidly” while leaning against a tree. ???

5. Ask nicely

If your first license photo is an epic fail you can ask very nicely if the person in charge wouldn’t mind taking another. Just remember: you are not Karlie Kloss on a Vogue magazine set. Therefore, you are not entitled to more than two photos nor a professional photographer.

We at Aceable know you’re going to look awesome in your photo no matter what. Cause you’re getting your driver licenseeeeee. Woot, woot! And nothing looks better on you than happiness, confidence and *gulp* adulthood. Could you or a friend use Aceable? Check Us Out

Krista Doyle
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