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5 Secrets to Winning Aceable's Best Dance Squad Competition

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It’s only day three of the competition, and we’ve already received 6,445 votes for Aceable’s Best Dance Squad. While some teams are crushing it in round one, there’s still four more days of voting until round two begins, which means anything can happen. To help you get ahead of your competition, we’ve prepared five proven secrets to winning the contest. Use these pro tips and you’ll be bringing home that sweet $500 grand prize, plus the gift for your coach and f**ree drivers ed for your whole team**. Good luck, dancers, and may the odds be ever in your favor. (Cue Mockingjay call.)

  1. Tweet, Insta, Retweet, Repeat

The best way to make news spread like wildfire is to (obvi) post about it on social media. Make sure to use every channel you’ve got: Insta, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. etc. And don’t be afraid to get creative. Put the link to the contest in your bio or post a fire selfie with your dance team besties, encouraging your followers to support you.

Uh, duh, Abby Lee Uh, duh, Abby Lee

  1. Get Your High School On Board

You’re basically the number one booster of school spirit at your high school, so now it’s their turn to support you. Reach out to an administrator and ask them to post a news story with the link to the contest on your school’s website. Now the principal, your math teacher and Joey from third period can easily learn about the contest and help you win major ca$h money.

If Troy Bolton went to your high school If Troy Bolton went to your high school

  1. Make Sure Your Biggest Supporters Know

You’ve got a big fan club, and that includes dance team parents, your booster club and your incredible sponsors. Keep them in the loop about the contest so that you can utilize their networks as well as your own. We bet you can count on your mom to make sure that everyone from the neighbor to her dentist votes for your team.

Your mom be looking at the bracket like Your mom be looking at the bracket like

  1. Tell People What You’d Do With $500

Don’t just tell people to vote -- tell them WHY they should vote. Definitely include the fact that there’s $500 on the line (plus free drivers ed for your team and a gift for your coach) but also tell them what you’re going to do with that money. Pay for a trip? Get new gear? Whatever it is, let your friends, family and followers know why you NEED to win.

Don't we all, Britney. Don't we all, Britney.

  1. Show Aceable the Love

We’re reposting everything you share about the contest, so make sure to always tag us or @ us. Throughout the competition, we’ll also be throwing in some *mystery* challenges to help you earn more votes, so follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to stay updated!

Krista Doyle