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Aceable's Favorite Tweets of the Week: April 23-29

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In the past week, Drake dropped Views, Miley thought Saturn was Jupiter, Tyrion Lannister graced us with his presence and we all hated Becky with the good hair. But through the ups and downs, the Roys and Rays, we had your tweets to keep us sane. Here's Aceable's favorite tweets for the week for April 23-29. Way to finish out the month strong, guys. You do us proud.

her face gonna stop me from buying so much shit i don't even need im gone look at her like nah u right

— Young Black Jesus (@zekNcashe) April 20, 2016

> i worked so hard — holy guacamole (@ems_gucci) April 28, 2016

> When the uber driver is texting and driving > > — anime (@pcksl) April 29, 2016

> Omg when did one of my teachers add me on snapchat??? ??? — Lyndsey (@QueenLyndsey) April 29, 2016

> I'm not anti-social, > > I'm selectively social. There's a difference. — ㅤ (@RefreshabIe)

> If you can't handle me at my finals week you don't deserve me at my syllabus week — College Student (@ColIegeStudent) April 29, 2016

> what did I do to deserve this? am I some sort of bad guy? @smuckers > > UNcrustables!!!! — Jak (@karsonorjack) April 29, 2016

> Coffee is like a hug to the brain — S (@sophiasohnn) April 22, 2016

"Don't Drake and drive" — Saja Alshalabi (@sajaaaaa_) April 29, 2016

> when you dont even have a man but Beyonce make you feel like he cheating — mia (@mfgeorge17) April 26, 2016

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