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Aceable's Favorite Tweets of the Week: June 18 - June 24

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June may be starting to expire, but your tweets are still fresh af. This week we have @laurelbeaver17 giving us some handy uses for pillow pets, @bxileydd who did the most with a screen shot from her Aceable course and made it her Twitter header photo, and lots more. Check it out: 1. > lol thanks for my header @aceable ?? > > — bayoncé (@bxileydd) June 20, 2016

  1. No longer worried about machines taking over — Dooley (@DooleyFunnyAf)

  2. PSA: I say PSA too much. Not everything is a Public Service. — Otterly Adorable (@Jpruden90) June 22, 2016

  3. This is too funny ? #GameofThrones

    — Girl Game (@itsagirlgame)

  4. czechout... aye my people — bara (@kyIobrien) June 24, 2016

  5. Omfggg

    — Annnnnnyyyyy (@electrickalbath) June 24, 2016

  6. I put pillow pets on my crutches so they don't hurt as much lol — Laurel (@laurelbeaver17) June 24, 2016

  7. Britains just going through their rebellious stage

    — ️ (@bIenderbrain) June 24, 2016

  8. Anytime someone is in a car on an episode of grey's I hold my breathe cause they apparently can't drive except for into other cars — cass (@CassEvans2) June 24, 2016

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