The Coolest Drive-In Theater in Each State

There's nothing better than the nostalgia of a drive-in movie theater. What better place is there for a first date after finally getting your license ? Or to have a girl's night and watch your favorite chick flick with your besties? Not to mention, they usually have some great snacks and it's a chance to get away from the fam for a few hours. Or hey, bring them with you. Do what you want. We're not in charge here. Anyways, here's a list of our favorite drive-in theaters in each state:

  • Alabama

    Blue Moon Theater- Guin, AL . We love this classic two-screen theater surrounded by green. The drive to this location is pretty enough on its own, not to mention you get to watch a show directly afterward. Blue Moon Theater is a local gem in Alabama. best drive in movie theaters

  • Alaska

    Unfortunately, we couldn't find any drive-in theaters in Alaska which makes sense since it's so cold most of the year. Brrr.

  • Arizona

    Apache Drive In Theater- Glendale, AZ. Unfortunately, this theater closed down a few years back, but we couldn't help but fall in love with the beautiful mountain backdrop.
    drive-in movie theaters

  • Arkansas

    Kenda Drive-In- Marshall, AR . This theater not only has one of the coolest signs in the game, they also host occasional events like classic car shows.
    drive-in movie theaters

  • California

    Electric Dusk Drive-In - Los Angeles, CA. This theater is so unique as you can watch a film with the Los Angeles skyline shining behind the screen. It's so cool that this place exists among a city of lights.
    Drive in movie theaters

  • Colorado

    Comanche Drive In Theater- Buena Vista, CO . This theater is another of our favorites thanks to the Rocky Mountains peeking out from behind. The view is almost better than any movie you could watch here- almost.
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  • Connecticut

    Mansfield Drive In and Marketplace- Mansfield Center, CT . This awesome location has three full screens for maximum viewing capacity and doubles as an eclectic flea market on the weekends. Shopping and a movie? Yes, please.
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  • Delaware

    We couldn't find any existing drive-in theaters in Delaware either. Business opportunity perhaps?

  • Florida

    Silver Moon Drive In- Lakeland, FL . This joint has been around since 1948. We're in love with their neon sign and the fact that they're open 7 nights a week. You can't help but smile when you look at the bright and cheery color scheme. drive in movie theater

  • Georgia

    Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater- Trenton, GA. This theater is right in the middle of Cloudland Canyon State Park and has some pretty stunning surrounding views. You can watch a film, or relax on the hills. Not to mention, they get double rainbows sometimes. Woah.
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  • Hawaii

    No drive in theaters to report of in Hawaii. That's okay though, there are probably other crazy things to do in Hawaii. Like climb a volcano, or go coral reef diving or something.

  • Idaho

    The Spud Drive In- Driggs, ID. This drive in has some beautiful rural views. Oh, and did we mention the old-school truck out front with the GIANT potato on it? It doesn't get much better than that.
    drive in movie theaters drive in movie theater

  • Illinois

    Midway Drive In Theater- Sterling, IL . The Midway is the oldest standing drive-in theater in Illinois, and proud of it. We especially love the patriotic color scheme and the spaceship-like ticket booth at the entrance.
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  • Indiana

    49er's Drive in- Valparaiso, IN. This theater is a local favorite for its family friendly atmosphere and stellar view of the stars (stellar, get it?). Treat yourself at the 49er Diner with some freshly made pizza. You can't beat that. Pizza is life.
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  • Iowa

    61 Drive In Theater- Delmar, IA. This theater has a digital projection which you won't find at all drive-in theaters. In fact, 61 Drive in was the first theater to switch to digital projection in the midwest. This means you can enjoy the quality of modern video, with the nostalgic appeal of a drive in experience.
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  • Kansas

    Boulevard Drive-In Theater- Kansas City, KS. This theater has been around since 1950, and almost closed its doors in the 70's. Thanks to the dedication by then manager Wes Neal, the theater has stayed open all these years and even switched over to digital projection. The original marquee sign still stands at the entrance.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Kentucky

    Judy Drive In- Mount Sterling, KY. Burgers and funnel cake. Need we say more? And how cool is this old-school photo of the ticket booth with this retro car?
    drive in movie theaters

  • Lousiana

    There doesn't seem to be any operating drive-in theaters in Louisiana. We recommend trying some crawfish or beignets to fill the void in your heart (erm... stomach?) where the movies would be .

  • Maine

    Skowhegan Drive In Theater- Skowhegan, ME. This cute little drive-in has been around for years and is a local favorite. They have a renovated concession stand because, what's more important than snacks, right?
    drive in movie theater

  • Maryland

    Bengies Drive In- Middle River, MD. This patriotic gem located right near Limehouse Cove celebrated it's 60th-anniversary last year. It's clear this theater has been winning the heart of Marylanders for decades. drive in movie theaters

  • Massachusetts

    Wellfleet Drive In Theater- Wellfleet, MA . We love this Cape Cod drive-in for it's amazing location. Seriously, look at this amazing sunset! You can easily have date night at the movies, then take a quick stroll over to the beach. Is that romantic or what?
    drive in movie theaters drive in movie theater

  • Michigan

    Capri Drive-In Theater- Coldwater, MI . This theater with its beautiful marquee sign has been around since 1964. Back when the theater first opened, admission was only $1 and you could get a cheeseburger for only 46¢.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Minnesota

    Vali-Hi Drive In- Lake Elmo, MN. This theater first grabbed our attention because the name reminded us of some fabulous retro teen television series. It won us over when we read about the BYOS (bring your own snacks) policy and the small arcade on the grounds.
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  • Mississippi

    Beverly Drive-In Theater- Forrest County, MS . This charming establishment was constructed in 1948 and was in operation until 1987 with periodic events though 2004. The original owners even built their family home into the bottom of the screen. Sadly, the theater was destroyed in a fire in 2010.
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  • Missouri

    B&B Theaters Twin Drive-In- Independence, MO. B&B is actually a theater chain, but this specific location in Missouri stole our hearts with it's mini rendition of the Gateway Arch found in St. Louis.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Montana

    Silver Bow Drive-In- Butte, MT. This little theater has some gorgeous mountain views and open skies for days. Come at night for a flick and some star gazing, or during the day for some beautiful views.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Nebraska

    TK Starlight Drive-In, Neligh, NE . This is one of the two last standing drive-in theaters in Nebraska. They've recently switched to a digital projector so you can see new movies in a cool retro setting.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Nevada

    West Wind Las Vegas 6- Las Vegas, NV. - West Wind is the largest drive-in theater chain in the world. We love this specific location for it's fun arched entrance and assortment of games and activities for families to enjoy.
    drive in movie theaters drive in movie theaters

  • New Hampshire

    Northfield Drive-In- Hinsdale, NH . This is one of the oldest drive-in theaters in New England. We absolutely love the stunning views surrounding the theater and their dedication to preserving the tradition of drive-in films.
    drive in movie theaters

  • New Jersey

    Delsea Drive-In- Vineland, NJ . This theater was first opened in 1949, and is currently the only drive-in theater in New Jersey. It's a Jersey staple and somewhere every "real New Jerseyan" has to experience according to locals.
    drive in movie theaters

  • New Mexico

    Fort Union Drive In- Las Vegas, NM . We think the mountain mural at the bottom of this drive-in screen is pretty rad. Not to mention the stars at a New Mexico desert drive in have to be out of this world (pun intended), right?
    drive in movie theaters

  • New York

    Hi-way Drive-In Movie Theater- Coxsackie, NY. There is a surprisingly large amount of functioning drive-in theaters in New York. We chose Hi-way as our favorite due to the fact that they hold occasional film festivals, play a great mix of new and old films and they have a sense of humor with their marquee sign out of season.
    drive in movie theaters

  • North Carolina

    Raleigh Road Outdoor Theater- Henderson, NC . This is the oldest operating outdoor theater in North Carolina. We love that it plays double features, and rumor has it that a brand new concession stand will be opening for the 2017 season. Raleigh Road Outdoor Theater also has seasonal events like visits from Santa, car shows and a New Year's Eve party.
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  • North Dakota

    Sadly there were no drive-in theaters to be found in North Dakota.

  • Ohio

    Elm Road Triple Drive In- Warren, OH . This local favorite features 3 screens and some crazy good snack food. They show multiple movies in a night, so you can really get your money worth if you're looking to have a marathon movie night.
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  • Oklahoma

    Winchester Drive In, Oklahoma City, OK. This is Oklahoma's oldest drive-in theater, and their gun-slinging mascot is sure to grab the attention of any passerby. They also have a concession stand for snacks and a small arcade to keep you entertained until your film starts.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Oregon

    99 West Drive-In- Newberg,OR . This theater was opened in 1963 and has been owned and operated by the same family ever since. We love the family ties to this theater and the regular events they hold like car shows and Rock Horror Picture Show play alongs.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Pennsylvania

    Shankweiler's Drive-In Theater- Oreville, PA. This is the oldest drive-in theater in America. How cool is that?! It opened in 1934 and was the 1st outdoor theater to open in Pennsylvania, and the 2nd drive-in theater to open in the United States.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Rhode Island

    Rustic Tri-View Drive In- North Smithfield, RI. This is the last standing drive-in theater in Rhode Island. This place has three screens and runs double features on each screen, so you'll definitely get your fill of movie viewing. Hot summer night? They also have a soft serve ice cream shop on-site.
    drive in movie theaters

  • South Carolina

    Monetta Drive In Theatre - Monetta, SC . This drive-in, also known as "Big Mo" has been around for years and is a local favorite for weekend movie viewing. Best part? The movies are projected out of a giant peach.
    drive in movie theater drive in movie theater

  • South Dakota

    Roy's Black Hills Twin Drive-In - Hermosa, SD . This theater was the first drive-in theater in America to go completely digital. They also claim to have the largest screen in the United States with an 80 ft. wide screen!
    drive in movie theaters

  • Tennessee

    Montana Drive In- Estill Springs, TN. On their Facebook page, Montana Drive In says "Where the screens are big... the stars are bright and the grizzly bears come out at night!!" We love how well kept and modern this theater is. The have 3 screens and a wonderful restaurant / concession stand.
    drive in movie theaters drive in movie theaters

  • Texas

    Coyote Drive In- Ft. Worth, TX . This place has an updated covered patio area serving brews (21+ only please), snacks and sodas. They also have an on-site playground for kids. There were so many cool outdoor theaters in Texas, we had a hard time choosing. Other honorable mentions included Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theater, Glaxay Drive-In Movie Theater and Blue Startlight Mini Urban Drive In.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Utah

    Basin Drive-In- Mount Pleasant, UT . Apparently this drive-in has a popular grill that serves delicious burgers. They even had to start opening early to have enough time to serve everyone before the movies start! Some people come to the theater, skip the movie, and just grab dinner.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Vermont

    Sunset Drive-In- Colchester, VT . Sunset is a family favorite for its 4 screen viewing capacity, on-site playground and mini golf for all ages. Coming from out of town? The new Starlight Inn motel can offer a place to rest your tired eyes after the movies are over and done.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Virginia

    Park Place Drive In- Marion, VA. We love this location because it has it all. Drive-in movies, batting cages, putt putt golf and an ice cream parlor. You could easily have a whole day of fun with your besties, bae or the fam.
    Drive in movie theaters

  • Washington

    Blue Fox Drive-In Theater- Oak Harbor, WA. This theater has a go-kart track. Need we say more? If you haven't gotten around to getting your driver license just yet, this is the perfect place to practice your moves.
    drive in movie theaters

  • West Virginia

    Meadow Bridge Drive-In Theater- Meadow Bridge, WV . This theater is a local favorite, even having it's own fan page on Facebook with over 9,000 members!
    drive in movie theaters

  • Wisconsin

    Stardust Twin Drive-In Theater - Chetek, WI. We love this little drive-in located under the northern Wisconsin stars for it's rocket ticket booth and the new deck they're adding to their concession building. They also have an arcade, on-site circus train for kids and toy store located on the grounds.
    drive in movie theaters

  • Wyoming

    American Dream Drive In- Powell, WY. This appears to be the only drive-in theater in Wyoming. We couldn't find much information on the history of this theater, but you can tell from all of the positive reviews on this site's Facebook page that they're well loved by the community.
    drive in movie theaters

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