Driving Tips

The heat of summer can do a lot of crazy things. It can fry an egg on the sidewalk. Oh, and the heat can make your tires explode.
Do you know what times of day are the most dangerous to drive? Avoid the most dangerous times to drive for increased safety. Learn more here.
Although we should be staying isolated at the moment, it is important to know how to disinfect your car and stay safe on the roads in case you need to make a trip to the pharmacy or grocery store. Learn more tips here!
Spring brings a surprising number of challenges for drivers. Find out what spring hazards to be aware of when driving and how to stay safe on the road.
Do you drive your car while exhausted? Lack of adequate sleep is leading to carnage on American roads. To mark Sleep Awareness Week, here's how to avoid drowsy driving.
Who has the right-of-way when changing lanes? The left lane driver or the right lane driver? Texas Highwayman helps us answer this traffic trivia question.
Taking a trip to Europe? Here's what you need to know about car rental insurance, driving permits, and the potential pitfalls of renting a car for your next overseas trip.
Always treat bicyclists as vehicles. They may not be as big as cars, but they have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as any vehicle on the road. Here's what to know about sharing the road.
Knowing what to do and what not to do after a car accident can make all the difference in your claim, helping you get the most money back.