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Dance Teams, Get 50 Points Added to Your "ABDS" Score!

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Round two of Aceable's Best Dance Squad competition has begun, and there are now 32 teams vying for the chance to win $500, FREE drivers ed and a spa day for their lucky coach. In order to help you get more votes for your team, we've come up with a new twist to the competition. If you post a dance-team related pic on your Instagram account with the hashtag #ABDS we will automatically add 50 points to your score! Make sure that your account is not set on private so that we can see the picture and give you credit! Now go out there and VOTE for your team.

Post a pic, get 50 extra points Post a pic, get 50 extra points

Just like last round, we'll also be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to two voters. Just type in your email address before you hit "submit" for a chance to win! Congrats to last round's winners, Vanessa and Brian!

Krista Doyle