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Happy Valentine's Day from Aceable!

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This Valentine's day, we have a whole bunch of stuff going on just for you- our favorite and most loved students. Whether you're celebrating Singles Awareness Day or Valentine's day this year, just know that Aceable is here for you, and we love you. And so does your mom. First, we made this cool video for you.

We've also sent out lots of handwritten Valentines to a randomly selected group of students. If you get one, snap a photo and use the #AceableLove so we know you got it! Seriously guys, we slaved over these cards and had to label so many envelopes. These cards are a labor of LOVE from all of us at Aceable. We'd love to hear that you got them.

That's it for now, have a wonderful and safe Valentine's day, and don't forget to spread the love! Aceable OUT.

Krista Doyle