How to Give the Gift of Driving Freedom This Year

How to Give the Gift of Driving Freedom This Year

So parents, you waited until the last minute to get your teen a holiday present that's sure to keep you on their "nice" list? Don't sweat it! We know the holidays are busy which is why we're here to help you become more popular than Santa was that time he dropped off the newest Hot Wheels set a few years back. How, you ask? By helping you give the gift of a new drivers license!

Here's how to give an Aceable gift card:

  1. Purchase a drivers ed course from Aceable . Our courses are fun, convenient and will actually help your kid learn to be a safer driver. Oh, and did we mention they're on SALE? You can take 25% or more off until Christmas! How's that for holiday cheer?
  2. Add your email address to their Aceable account so the surprise isn't spoiled! Once your teen is ready to get started (which will probably be ASAP because they'll be so excited!) you can feel free to contact us if you want the email changed over to your teen's. Our customer experience heroes are super speedy and can take care of our requests quickly.
  3. Download this handy gift certificate so you can surprise your teen when it's time to exchange gifts! Simply click the image below to download the template.

AceableGiftCard 4. Watch your teen jump up and down with joy at the thought of cruising the open road with their new license. Be proud mom and dad. You've done well.

It's never been easier to give your teen exactly what they're looking for. There's still time to take 25% off at Aceable . Give the gift of driving freedom this year. Your teen will thank you.

Krista Doyle
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