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Aceable's New Defensive Driving App Featured on Xconomy

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We're honored to be featured on Xconomy, a tech news site that provides the most current information and trends in today's high-tech economy. Xconomy hits the nail on the head, highlighting the portability and fun that Aceable's app brings to drivers ed and defensive driving.

Aceable's drivers ed app has proven to be a success with hundreds of five-star reviews and thousands of happy parents and students. We realized that defensive driving doesn't have to be a chore!

Read the full Xconomy storyHere's what sets us apart from other defensive driving coursses:

  1. Aceable offers the only mobile defensive driving course

Some major defensive driving companies provide content that can be viewed on mobile devices, but we have the only course that is designed specifically for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Aceable is the only state-approved way to dismiss your ticket or lower your insurance as a mobile experience. 2. ### Aceable isn't boring

Our defensive driving app is made with you in mind. We make it fun, interactive, and social. Unlike most advertised "comedy" driving schools, our course is actually funny. Defensive driving doesn’t have to be a chore. Aceable uses videos, interactive questions, witty writing, and memes to make sure those five hours fly by like it's nothing. 3. ### Aceable is convenient

Bringing defensive driving to smart phones and tablets allows you to complete the course on your own schedule. Your progress is always saved. Work on getting your ticket dismissed before you go to bed or while waiting at the doctor's office. Anywhere, anytime - that's the convenience of Aceable.

Krista Doyle