Aceable CEO Blake Garrett on Transforming Mobile Education

We’re not too humble to mention it again: Aceable had the honor of winning the Austin Challenge Cup earlier this year. It was a great opportunity provided by 1776 , a Washington, D.C. based platform that hooks up startups with the resources they need break into industries like education, healthcare, and government.

Check out this video of Aceable’s founder, Blake, telling 1776 all about how Aceable came to be and how it’s going to push required education forward. Inspiration and hip Austin footage abound.

That’s the word from Aceable. Now you know what a “scaler” is. (Hint: it’s not a tool for preparing fish.) We hope Blake’s insight on the mixing of drivers ed and the latest technology gets you excited about what start-ups can do. What would you change about education?

Krista Doyle
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