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How to Pay Your Toll Road Fine in Texas

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With all of the toll roads popping up throughout Texas, it is important to understand the fees associated with driving on them, as well as how and when to pay them. The roads generally have a higher speed limit and less traffic, so they seem like the best option, especially if you're used to sitting in rush hour traffic in DFW, Austin, or Houston.

If toll roads are part of your regular daily commute, it is probably smart to purchase a toll tag. Having a toll tag on your car allows you to pay less money per trip, and the account will usually auto-refill to keep you from facing fines.

Sometimes toll roads are unavoidable. If you don't frequent toll roads but find yourself driving on one without a toll tag, you should receive a bill in the mail within 30 days. It's important to actually pay that bill--not paying is a misdemeanor offense and comes with a fine. If you do drive on toll roads often, rack up a large tab, and then choose not to pay your bill, you can be banned from toll roads as well as blocked from renewing your car's registration. A few years ago, the Texas Department of Transportation published a list of the 25 worst toll violators in the state, with the top violator coming in with an unpaid tab of $236,026. YIKES. Maybe don't be that guy.

Paying Your Toll Fines

In the situation that you do find yourself with overdue fines from driving on a Texas toll road, you are able to pay it online at or over the phone at 1-888-468-9824. While calling a customer service line is never fun, they will usually work with you on a repayment plan and you may be able to negotiate a smaller settlement amount.

While it's always best to avoid the fines by using a Texas toll tag or by paying your bill when it arrives, if you do find yourself with some unpaid fines, pay them as soon as possible or call TxTag customer service and work towards repayment so that you can drive through Texas with a clean conscience.

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