VoterPal App Lets You Register to Vote in 15 Seconds

Think registering to vote is a hassle? A new app from Voto Latino called VoterPal , created in partnership with Austin tech company ThinkVoting , hopes to change that by making the process as simple as snapping a picture of your driver license with your smartphone. Wait really?

VoterPal lets you register to vote on your phone

Yes, really. I tested it out myself and the whole shebang took about 15 seconds. Fifteen seconds! For states that allow signing up on the web, VoterPal is   wayyy   easier than filling out a paper form. I can barely remember my apartment number, so an app that automatically inputs that for me is a definite win.

In states that don’t allow online registration (boo-hoo), the process is a bit more cumbersome, but VoterPal makes it as simple as possible. For example, in my home state of Texas I’m forced to print out my application and mail it in like it’s 1995. Ugh. As a millennial, I hardly know what a post office is.  You have to lick envelopes? Barbaric!  Still, with VoterPal’s help, my entire application is already filled out. Now I just need to figure out how to work the printer.

VoterPal makes voter registration simple

So whether you’re Feeling the Bern or want to make Donald Drumpf again -- Sorry, I mean, Make America Great Again -- voting is incredibly important. You shouldn’t miss out just because registering seems inconvenient. All you need is a driver license and a smartphone with VoterPal installed . And if you don’t have a driver license, Aceable can help you get one before Election Day. Take a look at some of the voting laws in states where Aceable is available so you know how to prepare for the polls.

California Voter ID Laws

 Can you register to vote online?  Yes.

 Voter turnout:  Ranked  41st  in the nation with  55.8%  showing up at the polls. C’mon, California, you can do better.

 ID required to vote?  You don’t  need  a driver license, but it can certainly make voting easier. At the polls, Californians must provide a driver license number or state ID number, though it’s not necessary you bring the physical card. (If you can remember your eight-digit license number, kudos to you). If you don’t have either form of identification, don’t fret -- you can just use the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Get your California driver license .

Voter ID isn't required in California Florida Voter ID Laws

 Can you register to vote online?  Yup.

 Voter turnout:  Ranked  16th  in the nation with  64%  turnout. Dimpled chads don’t phase Floridians.

 ID required to vote?  Yes, in Florida you must provide a photo ID with a signature on it. Accepted forms of identification include: valid driver license, passport, state ID, military ID, student ID or debit or credit card that has your photo on it.

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Illinois Voter ID Laws

 Can you register to vote online?  Yaaas.

 Voter turnout:  Ranked  31st  in the nation with  59.3%  casting their ballot. The “Land of Lincoln” has room for improvement.

 ID required to vote?  No, but to register you’ll need a form of ID. Acceptable documentation includes: driver license number, state ID number, last four digits of social or something that proves name and address, like a utility bill or bank statement.

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Hurry up and register to vote before November

Ohio Voter ID Laws

 Can you register to vote online?  Frowny face. No.

 Voter turnout:  Ranked  12th  in the nation with  65.2%  of citizens rockin’ the vote. Go Buckeyes.

 ID required to vote?  Nope, but according to the Secretary of State website, upon voting, every citizen “must announce his or her full name and current address.” That’s right, you have to proudly state your embarrassing middle name in front of a bunch of election officials.  Thanks for the birthright, Great Aunt Edna.  You’ll also need to bring proof of identity, like an unexpired driver license, state ID or another form with your name and address.

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Photo ID is required in Florida

Texas Voter ID Laws

 Can you register to vote online?  Nay. Write your state representative!

 Voter turnout:  Ranked  48th  in the nation with a  50.1%  turnout. Jeepers!

 ID required to vote?  Yes, voter ID laws in Texas are as strict as they get. At the polls you need to present one of the following: Texas driver license, U.S. passport, a Texas concealed handgun license (  What? Okay  ), military ID, state ID or a Texas Identification Election Certificate .

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Want to get your driver license before it’s time to vote? Check out Aceable, and get your license with the easiest and shortest Drivers Ed course allowed by law!

Krista Doyle
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