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6 Ways to Spice Up Your #LicensedWithAceable Pic

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There are some wild conspiracy theories out there. Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by an imposter, Keanu Reeves is immortal, and it’s darn near impossible to take a cute drivers license photo.

Even though the harsh lights and ugly wallpaper inside the DMV office are not a good look, you can still take a stunning #LicensedWithAceable picture in the parking lot to show off your license. You may even get featured on the Aceable Instagram or win our $50 monthly giveaway!

Here are 6 ways to spice up your #LicensedWithAceable pic and make it even more Insta worthy.

1. Strike A Pose

When you’re flipping through old photo albums at the age of 70, you’ll skip through your prom and wedding pictures because tbh the day you got your license was so much happier. Work it like you mean it.

2. Jump Like You’re Up To Somethin’

Are you internally jumping for joy because you just NAILED parallel parking? Don’t keep those good vibes locked up. Jumping pictures are timeless. Just ask the cast of High School Musical.

3. Take A Picture With Old People

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see happy senior citizens in public? Well, your parents (or whoever taught you how to drive) are old, and they are so happy for you today. Take a wholesome pic with them.

4. Show Off Your Sick Ride

Pretend you’re the car salesman you spent hours haggling with just a few weeks ago. Take a picture that highlights all the perfect curves and edges of your royal carriage.

5. Boomerang It

Boomerang videos are great. They’re non-stop loops of you doing your thing. We could watch them all day. Literally.

6. Dance With Ace

Bet you didn’t know Ace had a wild side, did you? We made an augmented reality Ace Snapchat filter that you can boogie with. Just open your Snapchat app, scan the Snapcode below, and let the dance off begin.

We can’t wait to see your #LicensedWithAceable pictures, Boomerangs, and videos! If you’re feeling major FOMO because you haven’t even started drivers ed yet, click the button below to get started with the best.

Krista Doyle