Teens: Here’s What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

A few weeks ago, I called my mother to chat about her life, which includes, among other things, taking care of my 14-year-old sister.“How’s the Nugget?” I asked my mom. (Yes — I call my baby sis “the Nugget.”)“Oh. My. God,” she launches into our conversation theatrically. “The other day, your father and I were at a wedding — the dress was very pretty, but I didn’t much care for the cake — anyway, we were at a wedding, and your sister texts me and is like, ‘Come pick me up.'”She takes a dramatic deep breath before continuing.“So anyway, your father and I leave this wedding early and we go to pick her up and she’s like, ‘Well my friend needs a ride, too.'”
Nope, no I do not.
Nope. No I do not.
Another deep breath.“So anyway, I’m like so angry because you know I have all my plants in the back of the car because it’s gardening season … so the girls have to smush in the back of the car on top of my nice, new plants and I was just so angry.”She exhales, indicating her thrilling tale has ended.The fact that my mother was more enraged about her petunias getting crushed than she was leaving a party early is something I’m not sure I understand. (But she also has a really nice garden. Props, Mom.) What I do understand is that my mother is pretty fed up with being a live-in Uber driver and is really looking forward to my 14-year-old sis getting her learner permit and driver license soon.
Mom's face when you ask for a ride.
Mom’s face when you ask for a ride.
Why should you care about my mom’s flowers getting squashed? Because it’s pretty much the plight of every mom of teens out there.Teens: Listen up. Your mom has been taking care of your every transportation need for more than a decade — driving you to school, soccer practice, friends’ houses and back again. At this rate, she has more experience than a New York City cabbie. She’s dropped what she’s doing to come pick you up. She’s dropped what she’s doing to come pick your friends up. She did all of it with a smile on face. (Maybe she yelled a few times. Understandable.)This Mother’s Day, your mom doesn’t want your weak attempt at making French toast. (Sorry to burst your bubble.) She wants a REAL break from being your chauffeur. So if you’re of age, get your driver license already. Be the one to pick up your friends. Drive yourself to soccer practice. Volunteer to use the car to run errands. Give her some freedom to plant petunias, or whatever else she enjoys.
Mom doesn't want your breakfast.
Mom doesn’t want your floor strawberries.
If you’re not sure how to get your license, don’t worry: We’ll help with that. This Mother’s Day, get Drivers Ed for 25% off and give mom the break she deserves. To get the discount, just select any of our teen drivers ed courses: Texas Parent Taught, Texas Instructor Taught, Ohio Drivers Ed or Florida TLSAE. It’s time you stopped interrupting Mom because you need a ride.By the way, happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the moms out there. Thanks for all you do that we take for granted. Seriously, you’re the best.