The 10 Best Blogs for Moms of Teens

Raising teenagers might be more difficult than raising toddlers. Through the hormones, SAT scores, orthodontia, learner permits , mood swings, Instagram likes and Snapchat selfies, it's tough for a mom to maintain her sanity. My own mother raised three teenage girls at once, and is in the midst of raising a fourth -- God bless her -- so I know how challenging the job can be. By the way, sorry I gave you attitude for approximately six years, Mom . My bad.?


Baby books taught you about potty training and pre-school, but what could prepare you for the rollercoaster that is first dances and drivers ed ? Meet the new baby books: blogs for moms of teens . The following 10 bloggers have been documenting everyday life with their teenagers for years, and while all admit they don't always do everything right, they certainly always learn from their parenting mistakes -- and you can, too. If you need advice for navigating life with a teen, or just want to read something that you can truly relate to, check out Aceable's top-10 list of best blogs for moms of teens.

Midlife Mixtape

by Nancy


Number of kids: Two

Residence: California

Topics of interest: Music, concert reviews, Bay area activities, humor, marriage, general parenting, daily life

That's-so-true quote: "You sit ten women with teenage children in a circle, serve them a fizzy cocktail and some coffee cake, and the talk soon turns competitive. Over what? Not college destinations or SAT scores, please don’t insult us. We fight about who is less appreciated at home."

The Moat Blog

by Kay


Number of kids: Five

Residence: Texas

Topics of interest: Personal essays, opinion, life lessons, general parenting, daily life

That's-so-true quote: "Tween/teens can easily buy into a flawed message that they’re stupid, fat, ugly, a loser – so many non-truths – even when their homes and real-friends promote messaging that is completely counter to those thoughts. The world around these kids (with its pressures, social media, anonymity-based platforms, …) can pack plenty of punch to make a fit kid feel fat and a smart kid feel stupid. It can make almost anyone feel completely alone while sitting in a crowd."

by Jen


Number of kids: Five

Residence: Texas

Topics of interest: Adoption, faith, philanthropy, fashion, food, books, humor

That's-so-true quote: "You know what I didn’t understand about parenting? No one knows what they are doing."

by Dawn


Number of kids: Six

Residence: Florida

Topics of interest: Being a single mom, divorce, dating, health, humor, general parenting, daily life

That's-so-true quote: "Every parent I know would agree that having children has given their lives meaning, a sense of fulfillment, and a kind of joy previously unimagined. We love our children. We love caring for them. We love watching them grow. Yet, at the same time, we realize that parenting has made us crazy."

Little Earthling Blog

by Renee


Number of kids: 14

Residence: Washington

Topics of interest: Adoption, homeschooling, recipes, daily life, family activities, raising a child with a heart defect

That's-so-true quote: "Back when Chuck and I were first married ... I informed him it would be his fatherly duty to teach our children to drive. No way was I doing that."

Making Our Life Matter

by Jennifer


Number of kids: Two

Residence: Pennsylvania

Topics of interest: Cooking, home improvement, family travel and activities, saving money

That's-so-true quote: "Life in my house is never dull or boring. Or quiet, for that matter. There is always noise of some kind, usually the result of bodily functions. You definitely have to have a good sense of humor when living with 3 guys."

Hormone-Colored Days

by Kim


Number of kids: Two

Residence: Illinois

Topics of interest: Raising gifted kids, home renovation, books, travel, college admissions

That's-so-true quote: "It's a bumpy road, this whole 'getting your child ready to leave the nest' thing. Even when it's clear your child is itching to spread his wings."

The Meat & Potatoes of Life

by Lisa


Number of kids: Three

Residence: Rhode Island

Topics of interest: Military family life, marriage, personal essays, opinion, general parenting

That's-so-true quote: "All three of our children are in the midst of brutal final exams. Dealing with one anxious, hormonal teenager is enough to give a parent palpitations. But with all three of our children taking tests, my husband and I are considering installing a defibrillator in our kitchen."

Suburban Scrawl

by Melisa


Number of kids: Two

Residence: Illinois

Topics of interest: Raising 20-somethings, TV and movies, activities in the Chicago area, daily life

That's so true quote: "As I watch [my son] juggle all the things, all the time , I alternate between smiling and cringing. On one hand, I love that he seems to have my sense of overdrive; on the other hand I feel terribly guilty for passing that gene down to him."

Musings From Me

by Jill


Number of kids: Three

Residence: Maryland

Topics of interest: Family activities, giveaways, gift guides

That's-so-true quote: "I’ve found with my kids that I have ongoing conversations that develop as they get older, more mature, and more computer savvy. Best advice a friend gave to me many years ago was to always keep the lines of communication open with your kids on ANY topic. Kids are very savvy and usually one step ahead of mom and dad."

Krista Doyle
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