The 10 Greatest Fast Food French Fries

We've hit mid-November, which means the holiest of days is upon us. The reason for the season is here, people: National Fast Food Day. National Fast Food Day will take place on Thursday, November 16th, Year Of Our Lord 2017. Because of this, we're going to spend the entire day (National Fast Food Day Eve) mentally preparing for how much food we're going to eat tomorrow. The nuggets, burgers, and soda will be plentiful, I'm sure. But the real star of National Fast Food Day is obviously the french fry. Ahh, french fries...those golden, salty, crispy, joyful potatoes that give us LIFE. To help us all make the most of National Fast Food Day, we've compiled a list of the top 10 fast food french fries (try to say that 10 times fast...)

french fry Photo courtesy of Tenor

1. McDonald's

I mean, come on. These are the classics. How is there not a McDonald's french fry scented candle out there somewhere?

french fries the notebook

2. Arby's

Gotta love those curlies, baby.

arby's curly fries Photo courtesy of SF Funcheap

3. Chick-Fil-A

Nobody does waffle fries quite like the Chick.

chick fil a fries Photo courtesy of ABC 10

4. Raising Cane's

Our mouths are watering just thinking about dipping these crinkly bbs in Cane's sauce. Oof.

raising canes fries Photo courtesy of Vittle Monster

5. Five Guys

These fries are so fresh and homemade you'd think they just came out of your Mom's kitchen. They didn't, though. They were piled high on your tray by that angel Five Guys employee named like, Devin or Trey or something.

five guys fries Photo courtesy of Serious Eats

6. Del Taco

Okay, whoever (whomever? whoever? whatever) thought of combining french fries with tacos is the real MVP.

del taco fries Photo courtesy of Willamette Week

7. Smashburger

Sweet potato fries at a fast food restaurant are a rare find, but Smashburger has 'em. And sweet potato fries are healthy, right? It's basically like you're eating a salad.

smashburger sweet potato fries Photo courtesy of North Raleigh Food

8. Popeye's

That cajun seasoning tho!

popeyes fries

9. In-N-Out

More like Out-Of-The-Box-N-In-To-My Mouth, amiright? Also, two words: Animal Style.

in-n-out animal style Photo courtesy of The Falcon's Flyer

10. Wendy's

Who doesn't love these sea-salted dream potatoes from our fair lady Wendy? Pro Tip: Dip them in a frosty.

wendy's french fries and frosty Photo courtesy of Serious Eats

When you're done wiping the drool from your mouth, pick your favorites from this list and tell your friends you've got some celebrating to do. Don't forget to send us pics of your National Fast Food Day adventures on Twitter and Insta (@aceable) so we can be in on the fun! Until then...

regina george fries

Krista Doyle
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