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The 10 Types of Drivers You Meet in A Rideshare

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We’ve all been there. Sometimes you need a ride. Whatever your reason for being a passenger in need, there’s a different rideshare out there to get you to exactly where you need to go.

And for as many rideshares and different types of passengers there are, there are also tons of unique drivers. These 10 drivers are each different in their own ways, from their music tastes to their choice of snacks.

  1. The Navigator

The Navigator They know the fastest route

This driver knows where they’re going. Always. Maps? Who needs ‘em? The driver here doesn’t get lost, avoids traffic at all costs, and can know where they are simply by taking a look out the window.

  1. The Jazz Addict

Jazz Addict

Somehow, there’s always a driver who’d much rather listen to good old jazz music than ever hand you the aux cord. This driver loves to admire the sax, the trumpet, and the old-fashioned tunes, so you better be ready to head into the time machine while you ride.

  1. The Interviewer

Interview Sometimes that interview goes too far

Where are you from? What do you do? Where’d you get that top? This driver isn’t necessarily for everyone, but either way, they love to talk and chat and they’re friendly to the point of basically being the Barbara Walters of automobiles.

  1. The Local Expert

Local Expert

If you need a human Yelp, this driver is the one to go to. Give them what you’re looking for in whichever city you’re visiting and they’ll make sure that you have the best recommendations as well as exactly how to get there, when to go, and who to go with.

  1. The Guru

The Guru We all need a guru sometimes

Let’s just say this driver is your own personal Oprah. They’re hoping to give you words of advice and positive affirmation, whether you’re heading to work, school, or on a date. They just want you to have an a-ha moment.

  1. The Chef

The Chef But more snacks than meals

Ok, so they’re not like whipping out an oven or throwing around crazy gourmet meals, but this driver does have the best snacks on deck. A chocolate bar? Got it. Water bottles? Stocked. Gum? Of course!

  1. The Quiet One

The quiet one

Not everyone loves a Chatty Cathy, so this driver is perfect for the more pensive riders. They’re not interested in anything but politeness, which is definitely nice during any sort of early morning ride.

  1. The Parent

The Parent

This driver just wants to make sure you’re all good. They ask about your day, give you sage advice, and make sure that you’re not cold and/or that you’ll remain safe in whichever destination you’re headed to. Thanks, mom!

  1. The Comedian

The Comedian

We could all use a good laugh, especially when traffic is bad. This driver is perfect for that. They’re hoping to brighten your day with jokes, stories, and tons of belly laughs.

  1. The Chauffeur

The Chauffeur

Some drivers do their thing with style. This driver keeps things fancy and formal, no matter if they’re in a limo or a Camry. They’ll open your door for you and make sure that the seats are heated to perfection.

Krista Doyle