The 11 Best Emoji for Your Permit Picture Captions

What's the most difficult challenge you face after getting your learner permit or driver license? No, it's not getting behind the wheel (you got that part) -- it's picking out the perfect emoji and caption for your #LicensedWithAceable photo. Such a tough decision, we know. If you're struggling to find the emoji that best captures your experience getting your license, we're giving you a head start. Below, we've listed our 11 favorite emoticons for learner permit pictures. Feel free to steal our caption suggestions, too.

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Car Emoji


Did you get a car when you earned your license? Lucky you. Snap a pic with your new set of wheels and make all those un-licensed friends jelly.

Find your perfect caption: Finally got a car! Now I can run all the errands that my mom doesn’t want to do. #NoButReally #TaxiService #LicensedWithAceable

Celebration Emoji


There’s no shame in celebrating a life milestone, whether it’s graduating from high school, going to your first prom or getting your license. Paired well with a jumping photo, the celebration emoji is perfect for the always cheerful Acelet.

Find your perfect caption: Celebrating the fact that I’ll never have to ride the school bus again. #JumpingForJoy #LicensedWithAceable

100 Emoji


The 100 emoji is for the Acelet who’s not afraid to show off their accomplishments. Passed the permit test with flying colors? Yup, you’re gonna tell everyone all about it.

Find your perfect caption:

Too bad that driving isn’t a school subject ‘cause I’d have an A++. #AcedTheTest #LicensedWithAceable

Mischievous Monkey Emoji


Okay, so this is supposed to be the speak-no-evil monkey, but look at his face -- he’s clearly up to no good. This is the perfect emoji for the Acelet who has a playful side.

Find your perfect caption:

No more monkeying around … this girl finally got her permit! #WatchOutWorld #LicensedWithAceable

Hair Flip Emoji


Once again, this emoji is supposed to be something else (an information desk person???), but we call it the hair flip. The hair flip embodies all things sassy and spunky and saucy. For overbold Acelets only.

Find your perfect caption: Got my permit today. What? Like it’s hard? #ForeverQuotingElleWoods #LicensedWithAceable

Birthday Cake Emoji


Get your license on your sweet 16? Then this is the emoji for you. Make sure that everyone knows you’re doing your b-day right with the best gift of all … freedom to drive.

Find your perfect caption: So it looks like I’m not getting a yacht for my birthday, but this is pretty sweet, too. #Sweet16 #LicensedWithAceable

Traffic Light Emoji


The traffic light emoji is for the Acelet who knows that safety comes first. Sure, you’re excited to be driving now, but you know well and good that you’ve still got lots of practice before you become a pro.

Find your perfect caption: Got the green light to start driving today! #ItsOfficial #LicensedWithAceable

Bless Up Emoji


The bless up emoji is for the humble Acelet, the Acelet who’s grateful for everything. They’re quick to thank their parents and drivers ed class before bragging about themselves.

Find your perfect caption: Thanks, Dad, for all those times you yelled at me during our driving lessons. #PassedWithFlyingColors #Blessed #LicensedWithAceable

Deuces Emoji


If you’re thrilled to finally be free from asking for rides and aching to travel the open road, then this emoji was made for you. It’s a virtual goodbye to all those carpools, school bus drivers and your parents who are oh-so tired of driving you around.

Find your perfect caption: Getting a driver license? Check. Driving across the continental United States? Up next. #BucketList #PeaceOut #LicensedWithAceable

Yas Queen Emoji


The yas queen emoji is for the Acelet who’s always doing the most, whether it’s getting their permit first or having the most extra vanity license plate. Obviously, you’re the type who would dress to impress for their permit picture.

Find your perfect caption: Cash me in the driver’s seat, how bow dah? #LicensedWithAceable

Ace Emoji


Ah, the Ace emoji. This is for the Acelet who’s not quite ready to let go of Aceable, even after earning their permit and license. Lucky for you, Aceable Fam is for life.

Find your perfect caption: TFW when you’re happy about getting your license, but sad you’re done with drivers ed. #NotSarcasm #MissYouAlreadyAce #LicensedWithAceable

Krista Doyle
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