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19 Tweets That Accurately Sum Up Miami Traffic

No one likes Miami traffic. You can confirm that statement with just a five minute conversation with your neighbor or sticking your head outside to listen to the chorus of car horns emanating from the Miami freeways. Another way to confirm this hatred is by searching “Miami traffic” on Twitter. And guess what? We did it for you, and we censored all of the @#$&! words so it’s friendly for the whole family. So without further ado, here are the “19 Tweets That Accurately Sum Up Miami Traffic.” the classic Miami traffic power nap Project Freeway: Miami ? ✈️ ? ✈️ ? Queen Bey always comes through. Today’s forecast is ☀️ & ? ? ? . Back to you Tom. This is me everyday. Prayer to St. Green Light of Miami St. Brake Light, please clear my path. Turn red lights into green lights And brake lights into empty pavement. Amen. ? ? ? Miami traffic is why we can’t have nice things (like punctual streams). Mental Sanity > Hunger Pains Now, if they could just part the Palmetto Expressway… It’s a traffic stalemate but all the drivers lose. I highkey don’t like Miami traffic 4-7 p.m. is off-street time. This is the best all-time use of the Arnold Meme. This summer, find me inside one of these ? . Miami Traffic = ?? ?? ?? MAJOR PROTIP Thankfully, we all have this local cafe to get us by. Wow. Those tweets made me feel all of the emotions of Miami Traffic: irratibility, anger, loathing, depression, etc. But I’m glad that no matter how bad the traffic is, we have Twitter to share our anger. ProTip: No matter how epic your Miami traffic rant is, save tweeting for when you are at home. Twitter fingers and driving do not mix.

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