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6 Unrealistic Things That Happen in Prom Movies

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Mean Girls

You win prom queen when the whole school hates you (post-mathletes competition might we add) and give a speech that gets the whole student body cheering. AND, get a dance floor kiss from your crush. Cady Heron, how do you do it?! Not Another Teen Movie

Everyone breaks out in song as the prom draws near and then begin dancing in unison and singing in harmony. Did we mention there were high kicks?! Oh and side note: Good Charlotte somehow snagged the gig as the prom’s headliners. Riiiight. Pretty in Pink

Good guys finish in last place? Yup, believable. #TeamDuckie forever. But when Andie walks out on Duckie for another guy, and he somehow bounces back with a happy smile and gets hit on by a cute blonde moments later? Please. We know you’re running straight to the bathroom to release some broken-hearted tears. Never Been Kissed

The prom queen turns out to be an undercover 25-year-old reporter who gives a heart-wrenching speech about acceptance towards others. Also, do people actually dump dog food on nerds as pranks? Savage world out there fam. Grease

Everyone at the dance is an insanely good dancer. I mean, never have I ever been to a school dance where EVERY person is dancing, much less has a strong chance at winning Dancing with the Stars. Are there any chaperones at this thing?! Skip to 1:40 for the best move you ever did see on a basketball court. Twilight

Telling bae you want to be with them forever because you’re young and hopelessly in love? Sure, fine, we’ve all done it. But asking to be bit in order to live forever as a vampire? Now that’s one for the books. I mean, ditching your friends at the punch bowl saying, “Brb, gotta go confront my boo about sucking the venom away!” That’s just too good. Featured image source: Unsplash

Krista Doyle