What Are the Benefits of Carpooling?

Carpooling is a concept that’s catching on, even among the most diehard drivers. That’s because there are a lot of upsides to sharing a ride. We totally get the advantages of controlling the car keys and radio, but you have to admit there are times when carpooling makes a lot of sense.

Whether you’re driving with co-workers to the office or arranging kid carpools to school, here are a few reasons why you should give ridesharing a try.

Carpooling with kramer Carpooling can turn a dull commute into a blast!

Carpool Lane Quickness

Finally! The HOV lane is at your disposal. Even during the jam packed rush hours, high occupancy vehicle lanes are often wide open. Imagine how much time you’d save by being able to breeze past all the single drivers that are stuck in traffic by themselves. In some areas, taking the HOV is so fast it can cut your commute in half.

HOV Lane HOV lanes make it feel like you are in a race car!

Not Having to Drive Every Day

We know new drivers are super eager to get behind the wheel after taking drivers ed courses and passing the test to get a licence. But the novelty will wear off if you’re commuting or driving on a daily basis, especially if you have to drive through heavy traffic. For years, psychologists have noted driving can be stress inducing. Leave to MIT to figure out driving in traffic can be just as stressful as skydiving for the first time.

It’s nice to get a break every now and then to let someone else be the chauffeur.

Can Get Work Done on the Way to Work . . . or Sleep or Text

When you don’t have to operate the vehicle, you have the ability to do a lot of other things. Like safely texting in a moving vehicle or checking your email so it’s out of the way before you get to work. Or you could invest $5 of the money you’re saving in gas to buy an eye mask and catch a quick nap. Until driverless cars become a viable mode of transportation, the next best thing you’re going to get is a carpool.

Kendrick grey poupon You could do other things like make a sandwich!

It’s Cheaper

Daily driving can add up. When you factor in wear and tear, gas, oil and insurance driving can be expensive depending on how many miles you drive. In fact, many insurance companies base your monthly car insurance premium on how many miles you drive in a year. Shaving off just one day of driving a week can make a real difference for your monthly budget.

Budget Carpooling is great for the budget!

You’ll Feel Better Knowing You’re Helping the Environment

Many carpoolers say they enjoy knowing that they’re limiting their carbon footprint by sharing rides. Cars are one of the largest single sources of greenhouse gas emissions. South Florida Commuter Services has crunched the numbers and found that if a person carpools just two days a week it can eliminate 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases a year.

You’ll Feel Better Knowing You’re Alleviating Traffic

Another feel-good benefit of carpooling is being part of the traffic solution rather than the problem. For each person in a carpool that means one less car on the road jamming up the traffic. Again, South Florida Commuter Services has dug through the data to come up with an interesting factoid. If everyone carpooled just one day a week traffic on major highways would be reduced by 20%.

Traffic Traffic is the worst. Carpooling is a great solution to it!

ONE LAST NOTE : If you choose to carpool, help the driver out by being a good passenger . It makes the ride safer and can ease the stress on the driver.

Krista Doyle
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