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Does Mobile Education Actually Work?

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Introducing The Effective, Accountable, Social Solution to Required Education

On June 29, 2007, a little gem called the iPhone was introduced to the world. We think during the month or two following that day, a lot of curious people probably googled “What is an iPhone?” Well, now we know and it has changed our world in countless ways. Because of this tremendous, yet small device, Aceable was created. With the technology at our fingertips, Aceable has set out to change the landscape of required education -- making it fun, convenient, and accessible. So, what is Aceable? #Effective

Thousands of man hours have been poured into researching and validating mobile education. Even the Department of Defense conducted a study and found that recipients of mobile education cite convenience, time management, and touch screen interactivity as reasons for preferring mobile education versus web-based or other forms of traditional education. Furthermore, a study conducted by Merrill Lynch showed a 12% increase in completion rate from employees who took a mobile version of a required education course. How’s that for effective? Aceable was built with these and other similar findings in mind. If you are able to learn faster and easier via mobile education, that frees up users to spend more time with family and friends or to hone in on new skills. It is a win-win. #Accessible

Given that you almost always have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod near you, it only makes sense that you take full advantage of that. Rather than engaging in good ol’ Facebook stalking during long car rides or time sitting in lobbies, why not better yourself and knock out education that you need to move forward? We’re hearing the same things from our users over and over again. > “I really love the short sections of information with the pictures! I’m so glad I’m using Aceable!”

— Pema Bear#Safe

Did the words “drivers ed” and the word “app” alarm you when combined? It shouldn’t. Students will not be using the app while in a vehicle. We’d like to make it very clear that texting and driving is NOT Aceable. We deeply care about our users not only because we want them to love our product, but also because we share the same roads. We frame our content so that we’re confident every driver we put on the streets is safe and knowledgeable. Our moms, brothers, and Aceable Ambassadors share the roads with you. What I’m saying is...we’re invested. #Rewarding

Think about the amount of time you spend with or incredibly near to your phone. What if that time could be put to use (other than winning at Snapchat)? If teenagers are on their iPhone or iPad, they might as well be learning. Aceable has a game-like system so users can compare their progress to that of their peers. This is a fundamental element of ensuring that mobile education does not cause the user to feel isolated. Furthermore, the next version of Aceable will include a portal for parents to view their students' progress. So, your mom won’t have to text you to ask if you’ve studied today, and moms and dads won’t have to worry about their student getting it done. UPDATE: we've added parent monitoring tools to the Aceable app! Read about them here. Along with the social aspect of Aceable, our leaderboards are designed to create a sense of pride for users. Students are encouraged to do well on the course because they know their friends are watching. On top of bragging rights about gaining more points or finishing a level first, our most impressive users are encouraged to become Aceable Ambassadors. Aceable Ambassadors are users who earn an internship opportunity with our company. They gain valuable insight into the ins and outs of marketing, social media, technology, and blogging. #Accountable

Another thing that is absolutely NOT Aceable is cheating. Our course is approved by the state, which means we were meticulously reviewed, critiqued, and have been proven to meet every objective required of a drivers ed course. This includes measures taken to ensure students are learning the information needed and requiring authentication from users so no one completes the course for them. When people ask, “Do your users cheat?” We can say with absolute certainty that they do not because we (and the state) simply won’t let them. Drivers ed is too important to fool around with. So, what is Aceable? Aceable will soon be the new norm for everything from defensive driving to corporate training. It is easy, effective, and empowering and most importantly, it is education that is always in your hands. Are you Aceable? Check it out here.

Krista Doyle