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Nevada Personalized License Plates & Special Plates

Vanity plates are a fun way to express yourself on the road. Wanna rep your name? Your alma mater? Get a personalized plate that fits your style!

Everything to Know About Vanity Plates in Nevada

So, you’re interested in a vanity plate, or as Carly Simon might say, youuu’re so vain, you probably think this plate is about you. Just kidding, couldn’t help myself. Okay, back to business. Vanity plates can be a fun way to express yourself while you’re out there on the road. Wanna rep your name? Your alma mater? Your celebrity crush? All is possible in the world of vanity plates! (Well, so long as you don’t want to rep something offensive.)

Kermit the frog says to express yourself Listen to Kermit and "express yourself"!

There are three ways to order a vanity plate in Nevada: mail, fax, or in person. The Nevada DMV suggests mail or fax if your vehicle is already registered in Nevada, if you are moving to Nevada in the near future, or if you will be buying a vehicle in the near future. Order in person if you will be registering a vehicle or renewing the registration within the next 60 days. Before you get attached to a vanity plate idea, check this personalized plate search to make sure it’s available. It’s a good idea to have at least three ideas lined up in case your first choice is taken.

Spongebob and Patrick Brainstorming Brainstorm a few different ideas just in case!

To place your order, you’ll need the appropriate form because you have a few options for your custom plate and each option has its own form:

*Included with your application, there will be an initial fee of $44, which is separate from the yearly fee of $20. For a motorcycle plate, the initial fee is a little cheaper at $40.

Ordering by Mail or Fax

After you’ve downloaded and completed the appropriate application, mail the application and fees to the address on the application. You can pay the fees by check or money order (payable to DMV) or a Credit Card Authorization. For faxed orders, fax the completed application and a Credit Card Authorization (VP 205) to (775) 684-4797. Note: You can order plates even if you are moving to Nevada within the next 60 days but have not actually registered a vehicle here yet.

Personalized plates must be approved, manufactured and then shipped to the DMV or Assessor's office you chose on the application. If your application is rejected, your check will be returned. When the DMV or Assessor receives your plates, the staff will send you a letter notifying you they are ready. You must pick up your plates within 60 days of notification, otherwise it will be destroyed (Nooooo!). Be sure to bring your existing plates, and remember: there is a $6 fee for a new registration certificate and plate decal.

Ordering in Person

You can order your custom plates in person at the same time you register a vehicle or renew its registration at a DMV Full Service Office or at a County Assessor's Office, which offers vehicle registration services. If you have just purchased a vehicle or are registering it in Nevada for the first time, see the full list of Registration Requirements or New Resident Guide and use the DMV’s online Registration Fee Estimates. Bring all required documentation along with the appropriate license plate application. The DMV will issue the vehicle registration slip, decal and a temporary movement permit. The plates will be mailed to you.

Squidward is vain Get Vain(ty plates)!

Go forth and vain it up!