10 States With the Most Dangerous Drivers

Have you ever been driving in a different state and felt like it was more dangerous than your home state? Maybe drivers seem more erratic, aggressive, or distracted? Well, the data shows that, in fact, some states do have more dangerous roadways than others. But is your state on the list? 

Read on to find out which 10 U.S. states have the most dangerous drivers.

Top 10 States With the Most Dangerous Drivers

Where are the most dangerous places to drive? The following 10 states have the highest fatality rates per 100 million miles traveled, according to NHTSA's most recent report

10. Arizona

Total annual fatalities: 981

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.40

A big culprit for the high fatality rate in Arizona is the state's interstate highways that cover some serious mileage. 

9. Florida

Total annual fatalities: 3,183

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.41

What's the problem in Florida? Apparently, Floridians are known to be distracted drivers who text, scroll, take selfies, and make videos while they are at the wheel. Drunk driving, speeding, and bad weather are also contributors to the problem. 

8. Louisiana

Total annual fatalities: 727

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.42

When looking at an IIHS report on the number of drivers killed in Louisiana, 85% had a blood alcohol level equal to or above the legal limit. Drunk driving plays a big role in the state's dangerous roads. 

7. Oklahoma

Total annual fatalities: 640

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.43

Oklahoma is another state with a drunk driving problem, as an estimated 89% of drivers killed in car accidents were at or above 0.08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC). 

6. Montana

Total annual fatalities: 184

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.43

Driving under the influence of alcohol is also a serious problem in Montana, as four in five who die in car accidents are at or above the legal BAC level. 

5. Wyoming

Total annual fatalities: 147

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.44

Wyoming's section of the I-80 is the deadliest highway in the state. Further, a few of the leading causes of accidents include a large wildlife presence, harsh weather, and rural roads. 

4. Kentucky

Total fatalities: 732

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.48

Kentucky roads tend to be dangerous due to mountains, miles of open highways, and unpredictable weather. 

3. New Mexico

Total fatalities: 424

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.53

The roads in New Mexico have recently been called "a complete disaster," as 56% have recently been reported as being in poor or mediocre condition. 

2. Mississippi

Total fatalities: 643

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.56

Mississippi's dangerous roads are largely attributed to distracted driving, highways with hazardous sections, vehicle defects, disobeying traffic laws, and drunk driving. 

1. South Carolina

Total fatalities: 1,001

Fatalities per 100 million miles traveled: 1.73

"Considering the death rate, South Carolina has the most dangerous drivers," said Fred Hoffman, Founder of Best Car Insurance Finder. But according to him, it's not because of typical distracted or impaired driving.

"The drink and drive rate is quite low in this state," said Hoffman. "Most of the accidents occur because of dangerous intersections. Traffic fatalities occur 44% more frequently in South Carolina than the national average."

How to Protect Yourself Against Dangerous Drivers

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