10 Things Only People From Ohio Know to Be True

If you’re from the Buckeye state, you know that some things are done a little differently here than in other places around the country. You eat buckeyes, refuse to call carbonated beverages “soda”, and have come to appreciate the beautiful rural areas that cover a large portion of the state. Ohio is the heart of the country, and proud of it. Here are the 10 things Ohioans know to be true . How many quirky Ohio habits and happenings do you identify with?

  1. You don’t question why someone would hang a string of Buckeyes from their rearview mirror.
  2. You know you could be scraping ice off your car in the morning, and wearing shorts and a tank top by lunch. 10 Things Ohioans Know to Be True
  3. You know that Buckeyes aren’t just a tree nut, but also a delicious candy option.
  4. If you’re not from Cincinnati, Columbus, or Cleveland, there’s a good chance you live in the middle of nowhere.
  5. If you do live in the middle of nowhere, you probably had to drive to the town over to take your driver’s ed courses (did you know there’s an app for that now?). You also probably did most of your driving hours on country roads and got stuck behind a tractor at some point during this task.
  6. Ohio > X ichigan. Period. 10 Things Ohioans Know to Be True
  7. A three hour drive in any direction can take you to the lake, the beautiful hills of the southeast, the rolling rural fields, or the Ohio River. Our newly licensed Aceable drivers love getting to explore every corner of Ohio as they're all uniquely beautiful.
  8. Your winter shoes will, without fail, get ruined by salt and snow every year.
  9. It’s called “pop” not “soda” or “coke”. 10 Things Ohioans Know to Be True
  10. The four seasons are Fall, Winter, Spring, and Construction. Since the weather in Ohio is uncooperative 9 out of the 12 months in the year, you know the state will be hammering out as much roadwork as possible when the weather is nice.
Krista Doyle
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