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24 Amazing Holiday Gifts You Can Make for Free

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The holidays have arrived, and as they say: ‘tis the season of giving! While mom and dad are (fingers crossed) going to give you those cool headphones and beanie you asked for, it’s always a little harder to find the right gift when you’re the one doing the giving. Especially on a budget…or with none at all. But here’s the thing- your parents don’t expect you to buy them their next dishwashing machine (adult presents, amiright?), but thoughtfulness has a free price tag and can go a long way. So, check out some of our suggestions for great Christmas gifts for F-R-E-E.

  1. Offer to babysit your younger sibs so your parents can have a date night.
  2. Bake brownies for your classmates as an after lunch treat. Recipe here.
  3. Clean the dishes after dinner for an entire week! Clean the dishes Pre-rinsing is essential
  4. Do the laundry for the whole family AND fold afterward.
  5. Frame your latest piece of creative writing.
  6. Put the ingredients of your favorite cookies in a jar and give it to your friend to try out.
  7. Bake a tollhouse pie for your teacher. Recipe here. Complete with a big red bow on top!
  8. Have an open closet with your sisters for a week. That’s right, anything they want -- they can borrow!
  9. Offer to petsit your neighbor’s cat or dog next time they’re out of town. Pet sitting Pet sitting can get difficult
  10. Give your friends a manicure or hair style. If that’s already part of your squad’s routine, offer to pamper your younger sister’s friends at their next sleepover.
  11. Give your sibling a back massage (without asking for one in return!) Massage Massages fix everything
  12. Clean your dad’s entire car by vacuuming the interior and giving the outside a thorough wash.
  13. Create an ornament: glue popsicle sticks together for a frame and tape a photo behind it. Create a tie with a piece of yarn and decorate the sticks with red paint or silver glitter for a festive feel.
  14. Surf the internet and create a recipe book of your mom’s favorite foods.
  15. Use your old bananas for a fresh batch of banana bread. Recipe here. Banana Bread Don't let any bananas go to waste!
  16. Build a Spotify playlist for the whole family with car ride favorites.
  17. Create an inspiration jar filled with new words, inspiring quotes, and great lines of poetry.
  18. Singer or songwriter? Here’s your chance to write a special song for someone you love. Adeles reading list You might just make their year!
  19. Draw a comic strip of a typical family scene.
  20. Make your sib’s bed for a whole month!
  21. Drive (yes, drive!) to the grocery store for your mom to pick up dinner.
  22. Fill a mason jar with lights or seashells for easy porch décor.
  23. Create a 2018 calendar with photos and sketches for each month.
  24. Build a scavenger hunt for your younger cousins!

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Krista Doyle