3 Best Driving Schools in Texas

Driving school is a seminal part of every young driver's journey towards getting their driver's license. But with so many state-approved online Texas drivers ed courses, how are you supposed to know which one you should pick? Luckily, we reviewed three of the best ones out there to see how they stacked up.

Here are the Top 3 best driving schools in Texas:

  1. Aceable
  2. Driversed.com
  3. iDriveSafely

Let's dig into these a little deeper.

About Online Drivers Ed

Luckily for Texans, Texas has one of the most friendly policies when it comes to drivers ed. There are two ways you can go about obtaining your education:

  1. Instructor-Taught Drivers Ed: With this option, you will complete your classroom education through an online course. Once you've completed the course, you can work with a certified driving instructor for behind-the-wheel training.
  2. Parent-Taught Drivers Ed: Once you've completed your classroom education through an online course, you can have a parent teach you behind-the-wheel driving. This is pretty unique to Texas, as most states require that a certified driving instructor teach you.

As of 2018, the state of Texas has 12 state-certified online drivers education courses. If you need to take drivers ed and want to do so through an online course, just make sure that you choose one that has been approved by the state of Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

About Aceable's Course

Aceable's drivers ed courses are state approved and certified. Our main goal is to make learning easier for you, and you'll see that in our course material; our content is fun interesting, and most of all, useful. You can take the classes on your iPhone, Android, or on the web. It's pretty much there when you need it! The best part is how affordable Aceable courses are compared to others.

Aceable's customer service team is available by phone, email, live chat, or any of our social media pages. Plus, we're always holding contests and promotions to help get you where you need to be.

Cost of online teen drivers ed in Texas: $75 (regularly $100)

 Additional features from our site: 

  • 100% online, on your own time!
  • Fun. Like, really fun. Lots of videos, memes & gifs.
  • Take the official tests in app with unlimited retries.
  • Start today, take as long as you need
  • Only six hours of content until you get your permit!
  • Learners permit exam included with unlimited retries
  • Tools for parents to track progress
  • Friendly customer support to answer any questions

 What customers have to say: 

"Aceable is a really good option for drivers ed if your parents don't have the time to take you and pick you up from a driving school. Plus, it's so much more fun than what you would get from a traditional driving school. For those contemplating if this is a legit option or not, it is. I received my Drivers Ed Certificate within 1-2 days after completing the course." - Omar Altakrouri

"A great and easy way to do Drivers Ed online. The course is laid out so that anyone can understand while also presenting itself in a fun and approachable-for-all-ages manner." - Rayb Shot

"When I first found Aceable, I was very relieved to see that it was more visual and interactive instead of just reading a boring packet. I am very visual and hands-on, and Aceable really helped me get through Drivers Ed effectively, and efficiently. I finished my permit the day I turned 15, and now I have finished all of Drivers Ed and I will get my license the day after my birthday?! I definitely recommend Aceable to everyone, and especially those who need more structure to learn like me." - Graham Abernathy

Here are three top online drivers ed schools, and how they match up against Aceable!


With a good mixture of text, video, animation and quiz content, DriversEd.com's drivers ed course is both DMV and state-approved to prepare you for the in-person driving instruction. The course also offers a package deal that includes an instructor for your in-person drives, and is relatively affordable (prices vary from state to state).

Much like Aceable's course, DriversEd.com allows you to complete the course at your own pace. Additionally, you can try the first 20 percent of most courses before paying.

So what are the cons of DriversEd.com? According to reviews, the accompanying smartphone app crashes quite a bit, and the overall app has been reported to have stability issues. Some reviews also complained about the in-person local driving instructors that DriversEd.com partners with (although keep in mind that it is not required for you to use their instructor).

The bottom line: DriversEd.com is one of the larget online drivers ed course providers right now, so you know that you'll be getting legitimate materials and good results. If you prefer fresher content and completing the course by phone, however, we recommend you go with our Aceable course.

Cost of online teen drivers ed in Texas: $74.95 (regularly $99.95)

 Additional features from their site: 

  • Earn a learners permit after the first 6 hours
  • Save a Trip to the DPS! Official test included—a $25 value
  • Free unlimited practice permit tests
  • Fast Certificate of Completion delivered free!
  • Save up to $25 on in-car lessons
  • Free permit license certificate—electronic delivery
  • Complimentary 30-minute Personal Coaching session
  • Convenient—Includes free Course app
  • NEW! Safe driving app—1 month free Mentor for Families

 What customers have to say: 

"Drivers ed online was so convenient and affordable to take. Had no problems what so ever. I recommend to any who needs to take drivers ed." - Car

"My experience with DriversEd.com was amazing! I learned many things about road safety and what not to that'll cause implications on the road. It was an excellent experience having to participate in this website that helped me become safe and educated." - Perla

"It was very nice to have a self paced course like this that fits into your schedule. I was able to get it done in a relatively short amount of time." - Jeffrey


One of the largest online traffic schools, iDriveSafely has a 100 percent online drivers ed course that lets you complete at your own pace. And while it does offer drivers ed courses, iDriveSafely specializes in defensive driving course and traffic school for adults. Additionally, iDriveSafely actually owns DriversEd.com, which is what it offers its drivers ed course through.

Like DriversEd.com, the iDriveSafely course is both DMV and state-approved to prepare you for the in-person driving instruction. The course also offers a package deal that includes an instructor for your in-person drives, and is relatively affordable (prices vary from state to state).

So what are the cons of DriversEd.com? According to reviews, the graphics and videos are a little outdated, and some content could be updated to address current driving issues (like distracted driving). Overall, however, most reviewers were very satisfied with how easy it was to complete, and the quality of information provided.

The bottom line: If you're looking for a trusted and dependable course, this one is the way to go! However, if you'd like to take your course via an app, we recommend heading to Aceable's drivers ed course, which is available on smartphone devices.

Cost of online teen drivers ed in Texas: $74.95 (regularly $149.95)

If you need to complete the adult drivers ed course, iDriveSafely boasts the shortest course allowed by law on their website and a free 30-minute Personal Coaching Session for $36.00 (regularly $74.05).

 Additional features from their site: 

  • Comes with free online DPS knowledge test
  • Learn on any device, anywhere, at anytime
  • Earn a learners permit after the first 6 hours
  • Free permit license certificate—electronic delivery
  • Complimentary 30-minute Personal Coaching session
  • Save up to $25 on in-car lessons

 What customers have to say: 

"The quizzes at the end of each session were straight forward. You really need to watch the video in order to answer the questions correctly. It’s a good thing the videos were fun and entertaining. I enjoyed watching them." - Angel

"Idrivesafely is an amazing and easy way to get your drivers ed done and it teaches you the small points and the main points of driving. Its only a few hours long and its a nice way to stay take the test and save the environment by doing it online and not on paper." - Kiya

"Using IDriveSafely was the best choice I made. I turned 18 and did not have my license yet, so I went online to their website and signed up. It was quick and easy to get everything done and by the end of the day I was finished and printing a certificate to take to the DMV to take my driving test and receive my license. So glad I did and so great full to IDriveSafely." - Trystian


DriverEdToGo is all about getting you the lowest price. If you find a cheaper course, they promise to beat it. They also offer their program in textbook and DVD format (versus just online), if you prefer learning that way.

DMV and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation-approved, DriverEdToGo has been around for more than a decade - it was actually one of the first online drivers ed courses out there!

According to reviews, some of the graphics, animations and user interface is slightly dated, and unfortunately, customer complains seemed higher than the other schools in this post. However, we can't pretend that this legacy program isn't a stalwart in the industry, and a great choice for those who are money conscious.

The bottom line: If you're just looking for a basic course that won't put a dent in your wallet, DriverEdToGo is your choice!

Cost of online teen drivers ed course in Texas: $69.99

 Additional features from their site: 

  • Available on any mobile device
  • Get a 2.5 credit towards your high school graduation
  • Audio read along feature that reads the course aloud as you follow along with the text
  • Same day certification
  • Guaranteed satisfaction. Pay only if you continue through the course!

 What customers have to say: 

"Very informative chapters that contain lots of information and videos/visuals for you to see. The final is very easy and shipping was in less than a week. The best part is that I paid less than $20.00!!!" - New driver

"My daughter took this online class and it taught her everything she needed to know to pass the driver's test. I would recommend this to others. Thanks." - Elsa

"Completed in two solid days. Easy and straightforward." - Bailey

 All reviews from TrustPilot.com 

 Images sourced in order of appearance: Marvin Meyer , Aceable , DriversEd.com , iDriveSafely , DriverEdToGo 

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