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3 Guaranteed Ways To Make An A This Semester

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It seriously feels like this semester has flown by. With only a few weeks of the semester left, there’s no doubt you’ve already got other stuff on your mind.

It can be hard to get that extra oomph to finish off the semester strong, but don’t take your foot off the gas just yet! You’re in the home stretch. Here are some tips for making sure you nail that A and finish off the semester strong.

Theres My 100 Get that 100 and get that party!

Get An Awesome Tutor

I need a tutor Its okay to need help!

It’s always okay to ask for help. Tutors can walk you through complicated topics step-by-step and condense mountains of information into bite-sized pieces. You can visit your teacher during tutoring hours, and some high schools have tutoring organizations for smarty pant students to help their peers who are struggling with certain topics. If you are looking for an SAT tutor, you can use coupon code ACE150 for $150 off Kaplan's online or in-person tutoring.

Take Care Of Yourself

When all of your finals, final projects, portfolios and presentations get lumped into a one-week span, it can feel like your world is about to implode.

Treat yo self Remember to treat yo self and take care of yo self

We can’t stress the importance of taking care of yourself during finals time. Why? When you’re at the top of your emotional, physical and mental game, it makes it that much easier to focus, process and retain.

Here are some basics to remember:

  • Get enough sleep. This is easily the best thing you can do for your brain’s retention capabilities, and for your overall mood.
  • Eat brain healthy foods like salmon, eggs, olive oil, nuts, blueberries, chocolate, etc. Try to stay away from snacking on junk food, as they will only bog you down and make your brain feel fuzzy (not to mention sleepy!).
  • Give yourself study breaks and use them judiciously. Five minutes on Instagram can easily turn to thirty, if you’re not careful. Instead, try to make your rewards physical, like going for a walk, talking to a friend, making yourself a snack, or just listening to a song you really like.
  • Is something just not making sense? Don’t try to force it and frustrate yourself further. Walk away and do something else, so you can come back to it with a fresh mind.

Get Started Now

Start now Start Studying now!

Yep, there’s no easy way to say this. There’s no “hack” to getting a good grade, other than simply getting started early and giving yourself enough time. So, if you’re reading this post now, you’re already on the right track. Start now, whether it’s studying small sections, preparing your study materials and notes, or just asking your teachers for a little extra help. Your future self will thank you.

Need more tips? Check out our post on how to study like an A+ student!

Krista Doyle