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5 Great Gifts For Car-Loving Dads

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With Father’s Day fast approaching, you may find yourself scrambling to find a suitable gift that doesn’t scream, “I got this last minute and it’s the best I could come up with.” During gift-giving crunch time, it’s best to focus your attention on presents you know your pop will appreciate. If your dad is anything like our fathers, car stuff always does the trick.

Check out these auto-themed gifts for the dad who's always on the move, has a lengthy commute or loves cruising down the road in a souped-up coupe.

Laps Around a Local Track

Laps Around A Local Track

You can fulfill your dad’s childhood dreams of becoming a racecar driver this Father’s Day. Many tracks around the country now offer special packages that allow car enthusiasts to do laps in exotic sports cars or racecars that are far from street legal.

One of the greatest things about this gift is it’s an experience you can share together. Research has shown that experiential gifts are more fulfilling and memorable than tangible items. Just make sure he keeps the high speeds and hairpin turns on the track.

Ztylus Stinger Life Saving Multi-Tool

Ztylus Stinger Escape Tool

Any gift that could potentially save a person’s life is a great present in our book. If you have a safety freak dad he’ll appreciate the Ztylus Stinger multi-tool. For about $20 you can get your dad this tool that will cut a seatbelt, break a window and charge devices via USB.

Brightech Scorpion Handheld Jump Starter

Brightech Scorpian

Make your dad feel like the hero he is with the Brightech Scorpion handheld jump starter. Your dad can forget about cumbersome, sometimes dangerous, jumper cables that require another vehicle for juice. The Brightech Scorpion only weighs 14 ounces, but it has enough battery life to jump a V6 engine in seconds no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Bonus: This is another multi-tool that doubles are a flashlight, emergency beacon and USB charger.



Dads that refuse to ask for directions will find a new best friend in the Navdy navigation device. It’s a portable navigator that mimics the ridiculously expensive heads-up display found in new luxury vehicles. Navdy is powered by your smartphone, which makes it even better. Using the app you can access your contacts, pre-loaded destinations and more. The Navdy device also has voice and gesture control for hands-free use.

Garage-Worthy Custom T-Shirt


Don’t have the cash for a fancy navigation device? No problem! For a fraction of the cost, companies like Custom Ink can make a customized t-shirt featuring your dad’s garage queen or favorite type of muscle car. Trust us, he’ll wear it as proudly as your mom wore the macaroni necklace you made in first grade. When there’s no time to go completely custom, retailers like Curb can hook you up with ready-made garage-worthy T-shirts.


Did dad get a speeding ticket recently? Could he use a little driver’s ed refresher? Online driving courses from Aceable can help dad avoid points on his driving record or get a discount on his auto insurance. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Krista Doyle