6 Tips for Saving Big on Gas

Every year, it seems like the cost of gas hits a new high and you have to spend more and more to fill up your tank. Try out some of these easy ways to start saving money on gas.

How Can I Save Money on Gas?

Saving gas can be as easy as changing your driving techniques. Making sure your vehicle is at its peak performance is also important. Be sure to lighten the load, take your foot off of the gas, and keep your car maintained, and you'll have to fill up less often.

1. Lighten Your Load

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your fuel economy is to remove anything from your vehicle that you don't need. Check inside your trunk and on the floor for anything that weighs the car down like books, sporting equipment, and excess clothing. Just be sure to keep your emergency kit in there. Every 100 pounds of junk you remove increases your fuel efficiency by 1-2%.

2. Watch Your Highway Speed

You may shave off a few minutes on your drive by going over the speed limit on the highway, but it's a major waste of gas. Every 5 mph you drive over 50 mph is like spending an extra $0.25 per gallon of gas. Just leave a few minutes early so you don't have to speed, and your wallet will thank you.

3. Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

When you keep your vehicle properly maintained from top to bottom, you'll see it run at its maximum fuel efficiency. Be sure to keep up with the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual. 

  • Change Your Oil — A fresh oil change with the recommended grade of oil can boost your MPG by 1-2%.

  • Inflate Your Tires — Keep your tires at the correct pressure for an MPG boost of 0.5-3%. 

  • Evaluate Your Engine — Change your spark plugs every 30,000 miles and your air filter every 15,000 miles, and your engine will perform perfectly.

4. Shut Off Your Car

Whether you are waiting to pick up your friend or listening to your favorite song on the radio, shut off your engine. Depending on the size of your engine and if you are running the air conditioner or not, you can waste up to a half gallon of fuel in an hour.

5. Remove Your Rack

Unless you use your roof rack on a regular basis, you should look into taking it off. All it does is create excess drag which makes your average MPG drop. According to Consumer Reports, you could see as much as a 19% increase in fuel economy if you remove both your rack and storage pod. 

6. Think About Your Route

The next time you have a lot of errands to run, think about where you need to go and plan out the most efficient route possible. Avoid high traffic areas where you will only be sitting in traffic idling, skip the left turns, and stay home during rush hour. Some GPS apps even have modes now where you can choose the most fuel-efficient route to make it easy for you.

Save as Much Money as You Can on Gas

When you put all of the tips and tricks in this guide into practice, you'll have to go to the gas station less often, making your wallet happy. Another way to learn some techniques that may also save you money is by signing up for a defensive driving course at Aceable.com. You can learn these helpful techniques from certified instructors all from your own home.

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