7 Ways Teens Can Make Money This Summer

Summer is almost here, which means you’ll have a lot more time to ride around with your friends, hang out at the nearest body of water and spend time browsing the merch at the new outdoor mall. But there’s one problem. All that freedom requires funding.

In between relaxing by the pool and driving downtown with friends, teens can use the summer months to work part time. You’ll be able to pay for your summer fun and save a little for the fall semester (and maybe a car?). Plus, you’ll start building a work history, which looks good on those college apps.

Here are a few summer jobs that are totally suitable for teens.


When kids are on summer break, parents need more help watching them on workdays. Tweens and teens can fill in as babysitters to earn extra cash. Keep in mind, this is a job that requires being good with kids and lots of patience. If you can handle that, then you can make a good summer income if you find a regular babysitting gig. In most areas, you can rake in at least $13.50 an hour.


Dog Walking

Are you good with animals? Some families have furry babies that need tending to during the day. Walking dogs is a suitable job for most kids over 15 years old that know how to lead a dog on a leash. But keep it dogs you're sure you can handle based on their size and temperament just to err on the side of caution.

Dog walking can have a good hourly rate, but jobs usually don’t require many hours of work per week. All-in-all a regular dog walking gig for a few people in your neighborhood can be a good way to make supplemental cash for gas and car insurance.

dog walking

Golf Caddy

When the weather is nice out golfers take to the course in droves. Golf clubs around the country can use extra caddies during the summer, especially courses that are located within a resort. Teens that are familiar with the sport and can shoulder a golf bag around the course can make up to $100 for a four-hour game plus a tip.

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Lawn Mowing / Maintenance

Between all the cookouts and holiday BBQs, people want their yards to look extra nice during the summer. Teens that have access to a mower can test out entrepreneurship with a lawn mowing business.

Before setting a rate for a mow job keep two things in mind: the cost of gas and mower maintenance as well as the size of the yard. One of the best ways to set a rate is to base the cost on the acreage, starting with a tenth of one acre. Median lot size today is about one-fifth of an acre.


Serving/Busing/Cooking at a Restaurant

Summer is the big tourism season in the U.S. so restaurants have to hire additional help to cover the busy months. It’s the perfect opportunity for teens to get a job where they’ll earn a regular wage and learn a thing or two about being a good customer. You’ll also learn what the term hangry means.

The earning potential with a front-of-house restaurant job varies since it’s primarily based on tips. A good server at a busy restaurant can make a good monthly income if they work 4-5 days a week. It’s about the best paying job there is for high schoolers.

coffee shop

Pool Lifeguard

Pools are packed during the summer, which means more lifeguards have to be on duty. Why not work where you hang out by becoming a lifeguard? Typically, the only requirement beyond being able to swim is having a valid CPR card and completing whatever training the pool or waterpark provides.


Camp Counselor

Instead of paying for summer camp, teens can get paid to go to camp as a counselor. Upfront the pay looks good, but keep in mind it’s a 24-hour job. If you’re a natural leader and you want to get paid for camping a month or two this summer, find out if local camps are hiring.

summer camp

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