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Are you ready to take your road test in Florida? Here are seven things that you should practice before you hit the road and ace your test!
Understanding what points are, how they are given out, and steps to remove them is important for all drivers.
Distracted Driving is becoming even more of an issue on the road. Here are 8 common distractions on the road and how to avoid them.
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Many California DMV offices have extended hours in order to reduce wait times and make a trip to the DMV easier for families. Here's some information on these new hours plus a few tips to help speed up your wait!
How can parents help their teens safely drive to summer festivities? These three suggestions can educate both parents and teens alike.
There are many reasons for replacing an ID card, and if you live in Florida you have multiple options for how to do this. Here's how!
The Sunshine State is known for its natural beauty so it’s no surprise some of the most beautiful colleges in the country are in Florida. Which design departments get an A+ for campus appearance? Here are 15 Florida college campuses that are attractive enough to be on a postcard.