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From Beverly Hills to Fresno to Concord and everywhere in between, here are the 25 most beautiful high school campuses in California.
Fall gives us all a touch of crazy. We’ll refer to this as fall frenzy, so here's a detailed list of our top spots to see fall foliage in Texas.
In this post, we’ll explore the pros of waiting vs. not waiting to get your California drivers license, and how the process varies between the two.
We’ve rounded up a list of the most 25 stunning high schools in Texas -- check it out to see if your alma mater or current school made the list.
There’s a decline in teen driving, which isn’t all that good. Teen drivers have a higher crash risk at first but it's safer to get a license in high school.
The Aceable Drivers Ed app is available to students in Texas, Florida, California, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.
Research shows that women do get higher quotes than men, but there's a way to make it work in your favor.
Florida offers SunPass, an electronic tolling system using a transponder attached to your car to read your account information as you pass through tolls.
Your toll payments should be made within 10 days. You can also call the Ohio Turnpike at 440-234-2081 to resolve all toll fees and violations.
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