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Five Clever Ways to Earn Gas Money

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My name’s Megan and I’m a junior at Westlake High School. I’m really passionate about yearbook, graphic design and boy bands - but who isn’t? Okay, when you first get your license, it’s so awesome. You’re always making plans and going out to do fun stuff with your friends. Cool restaurants, movies, adventures with your friends – it’s great. But then, a few short weeks later, it happens. You realize that you’re totally, absolutely broke. Especially with the arrival of summer, the potential for having fun with your new license is huge. But first, you’re gonna have to make some money.1. Hold a bake sale.

It’s a super fun way to make some money. Just get together with some of your friends, mess around and bake some stuff. Find recipes off the internet, and ask your parents for help if you get really stuck – I mean, baking can be waaay harder than you’d think. Stake out a park or out front of a grocery store in a busy part of town on a weekend afternoon, but make sure to check with the store or your city that it’s okay first.2. Save up.

Maybe this isn’t the most interesting or exciting way to make money, but it’s definitely the easiest. Start a change jar and keep it in your room, and every so often, use one of those change-to-cash machines at the grocery stores. You’ll be surprised by how much change builds up over time that you’d normally lose. Keep track of your spending and budget yourself, so you don’t blow all your money on fast food or clothes. It helps a lot to use cash instead of a credit or debit card, because it makes you more aware of how much money you’re handing over at the cash register than swiping a little plastic card does. There are so many smart little ways to save money in your everyday life that you wouldn’t normally think up, you just have to pay attention.3. Sell old stuff. Who needs it?

I, for one, have loads of clothing sitting around that I never wear any more. Maybe you have old video games you don’t play anymore, or old board games, books, electronics – whatever it is, you can probably make some quick money by selling it on the internet. If your parents are okay with it, you can use Craigslist, which is more likely to involve having to meet someone to directly give them the item(s), or a website like eBay or Storenvy if you’re more comfortable mailing it.4. Start an online business.

If there’s a craft or something you love, there’s probably a way that, with some work, you can turn it into an income source. It could be embroidered patches, woven friendship bracelets, beaded necklaces, paintings or other artwork, or something related to a TV show, movie, or video game you like. Etsy is a great website for that kind of stuff, but I’d advise posting about it on social media websites and advertising to your friends initially, to stir up some interest.5. Get a part-time job.

If you’re like me, you don’t have time for a job most of the time with school and the like, but summer is a great time to save up money for the school year. Babysit, pet-sit or house-sit for neighbors and family friends for some quick and easy cash and a flexible schedule, or apply for a job at a local store or restaurant if you want something with a set schedule and more hours. I personally would advise sticking to babysitting so you have more time for having fun and you can do whatever’s most convenient for you, but it’s totally your call. Having to pay for your own gas might seem like a total bummer at first, but it can actually be super fun - and I promise you, it’s totally worth it. And if you think of any awesome ways to make cash, let me know, because who couldn’t use some extra cash in that department?

Krista Doyle