Aceable is Set Up for Success as it Heads into its 10th Year in Business

Author Napoleon Hill said, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle." Businesses were tested in 2021, coming out of an unprecedented year and they needed to learn how to survive and thrive during a global pandemic. Aceable, a mobile education platform offering driver’s education and real estate courses, is no exception. 

Aceable was founded in 2012 and is about to mark a decade of effort and struggle that’s paying off. Just this year, the company has expanded its C-suite with four executive hires: VP of Marketing Howard Schaffer, General Counsel Leslie Cleaver, Chief Technology Officer Eric Wood and GM of Real Estate Peter Brumme -- and has solidified its spot as one of the leading driver’s education and real estate schools in Texas.

“As we celebrate a decade of hard work and determination, I’m so thankful to my team and everyone who has played a part in Aceable’s growth since 2012,” said Founder and CEO Blake Garrett. “With the right people, right ideas and a whole lot of grit, Aceable is growing in ways that were only possible in our wildest dreams 10 years ago. As we head into another year, Aceable will continue to focus on license and certification training with an emphasis on career enablement and continuing education by expanding our course catalog, exceeding student expectations and delivering engaging content.” 

Aceable also welcomed a new board member, Tanya Staples of LinkedIn. Staples is currently the VP of Product for Trust, Equity, and Privacy,  as well as an Executive Sponsor for Women at LinkedIn. Before that, Staples spent 17 years leading the Content teams for the Linkedin Learning business (formerly 

“Aceable is on a great path and I truly believe it will have great success,” said Staples. “I have a deep passion for the education space and when meeting Blake, learning about Aceable’s mission and vision and product, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of. Aceable gives people what they need to reach their goals and find long-term success.” 

This year, Aceable acquired PrepAgent, which provides online real estate exam preparation, and AKH, which provides accredited continuing education courses in the healthcare space. In addition to expanding the business, Aceable also broadened its geographic offerings by launching new real estate courses in Washington and Arizona and is set to offer courses in North Carolina and Tennessee. The company is also set to diversify its course offerings beyond the driver’s education and real estate verticals in the upcoming months.

Aceable has raised $101M to date, securing $50M in Series C funding in December of 2020 as millions of Americans were looking for new jobs as a result of the pandemic. With this momentum, Aceable is more than ever committed to its mission of empowering people to achieve their goals through delightful and convenient licensing courses.