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Aceable’s Best Dance Squad Competition

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We’re hosting a tournament among 64 Texas high school dance teams to see who can get the most votes and capture the title of Aceable’s Best Dance Squad. On the line? Five-hundred dollars for the team to use any way it wants (whether that's new gear or dozens of pizzas, we don't care), a $100 spa gift card for the coach (for a much needed massage or facial) and free drivers ed for anyone on the squad who needs it (with *ahem* the best drivers ed course around). Help your favorite high school dance team win by voting today! Voting opens Aug. 14. VOTE BELOW!

Why a Contest Among Dance Teams?

It’s back-to-school season and we’re just as excited as our Texas drivers ed students for football games, fall weather and pumpkin spice lattes in the driver’s seat cupholder. But what really represents the spirit of the season? Dance and drill teams, who rally the student body together with their energy and enthusiasm. Start feeling the school pride and vote for your dance team below!

The Bracket

Check out the bracket and results right here! (The voting form is located below the bracket).

Cast Your Vote Below!

Voting opens Aug. 14. Please vote in each round only once (duplicate votes will be deleted). We'll keep you updated on who advances each round and when voting opens and closes. Make sure you keep scrolling through the matches and vote for all your favorite teams before hitting SUBMIT at the bottom of the form. Your votes will not be recorded until you hit SUBMIT.

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Who Is Aceable?

Aceable is the new standard for online drivers education and the first-ever mobile app for drivers ed approved by the Texas DPS. We've helped more than 100,000 people get their driver license, both high school students and adults alike! More than anything, we love helping our customers succeed in all their endeavors, whether that means passing their driving test or graduating from traffic school. Our goal is to make drivers ed simple, enjoyable and accessible for all families, Learn more about our company here or check out the online driving courses we provide!

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